Best game to go pro in.

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  1. Me and my friends recently formed a team 3-4 of us and are currently choosing a game to attempt to go pro to and do some tournaments. I have looked at CS:S, Heroes of Newerth, and Unreal tournament. Like I said we need a team game 3-4 and it needs to be on PC. Also needs to be a game with a decent amount of tournaments. Thank you. :D

    Oh, just to mention we all toke up together too. This is just a summer hobby I guess you could say.
  2. Lol @ "Go pro"
  3. battle ship
  4. :( friends just wanted some games that we could so some tournies in and get a little extra money for herb and pieces..
  5. Call up some local game stores and ask about what tourneys, if any, the do. Game stop occasionally does tourney's for games that have recently come out. Small private owned game stores are the most likely place to find tourneys, but the money is small. I played a few tourneys previously for Halo 2 and 3. Me and a group of friends entered an FFA tourney and I landed 1st, with my younger brother in 2nd and a buddy in 4th. Made about 40 bucks for about an hour or 2 or playing some games.
  6. where the money is
  7. why not spend your summer doing something productive like volunteering, interning, or even playing REAL sports OUTSIDE in a league where you socialize with people IN REALITY
  8. I'd say css used to be the best, I don't know anymore. Its 5 man teams anyways, and if you aren't already good at it its probably not the best option.

  9. Your on the wrong forum to be spouting off shit like that! This is the video game section of a weed forum!
  10. I agree what Mad Mike says makes the most sense, why would you be a douchehat to the op for trying to enter in some tournys?

    Up where I live we have this place called BragGameRights, like 20-40 nice LG scarlet monitor in each stations there is a nice comfy chair with top of the line headphones. Very nice establishment, their are tournaments everyday there. Halo 3 and MW:2 obviously have they have pC night etc.

    Homepage | Major League Gaming

    GameBattles: The World Leader in Online Video Game Competition

    Those are two very good sites to get you started look around there, find the games you want to play.
  11. Check out League of Legends, it's a new game very similar to DotA (which was very competitive in its time), it's free, and lots of fun.

    If you are interested in tournaments and stuff, check out Game Battles, they have many games they host tournaments and ladder for on there, including LoL.

    Enjoy! :smoke:
  12. MLG sadly doesn't much support computer. I would do CS:S but CPL has down but there is word of it coming back.
  13. lol , went pro on 1.6 , played in gotfrag , cal , cpl , ukterrorist , dreamhack , everywhere , not telling anyone my name though unless theres any old heads on here :p
  14. i only got back on here bc of neg rep given to me
    actually i think this is the perfect forum for my comment. i play video games all the time (nothin like blazin and pickin up the sticks), but i dont think video games are a profession where one goes "pro". grasscity should condone active, healthy lifestyles and not sedentary, wasting-away-your-summer activities
  15. chess. lol no realy unreal tornomint
  16. why dont you do xbox 360 halo/cod tournaments. My homeboy does that and he wins tvs, ipods, zunes, new ipad, tvs, and lots of money
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    apparently you never heard of Homepage | Major League Gaming major league gaming they sponsor players and tournaments. According to this Hruby: So you wanna be a pro video game player? - ESPN Page 2 their season ending halo 2 tournament grand prize was $100,000. :p

    straight from MLG's website

    Madden Final Results:
    :hello:1st - Problem - $50,000:hello:
    2nd - Jet Steele - $25,000
    3rd - Prodigy - $15,000
    4th - Dynasty - $10,000

    so lets do some math here sponsors + tons of money = PRO

    go to the health & nutrition section if your worried about peoples health don't come to the gaming section talking out your ass and preaching on your soap box.:smoking:
  18. Fighting games like Street Fighter might worth putting some effort into. There are lots of major tournaments in many of the states in the US with some having pots up to $5,000 :eek:
  19. You are so ignorant it is breath-taking. First of all, nothing posted here is supported by GC in any way. Second of all, who are you to place value on what people want to do with their spare time? I don't suppose you agree with the government saying you're not allowed to smoke weed, so don't be a hypocrite.

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