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Discussion in 'General' started by duders112, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. alright heres the deal.

    am i right to be a little pissed that my best friend kicked me out of his house, right after we blazed in his room, with no ride home or anywhere to go within decent walking distance, bcuz his mom wanted to smoke with him?

    ive been smoking with this kid since the beginning. from homemade pieces to christening his brand new illadelph.

    it just doesnt seem cool to me at all. i know his mom lets him blaze and he knows ive blazed with my mom, but i woulda just asked my mom if we could smoke him up too and she'd definitley be down for that. maybe its his mom thats the bitch. maybe she is just uncomfortable smoking around kids except her son. but the fact that my bud didnt explain anything whatsoever about why he blatantly kicked me out of his house and made me walk the 3 miles back to my house WHILE stoned, just grinds my gears.

    and i was over there yesterday and hes like yo my mom wants to take me to c pineapple express.

    its just fucking annoying how obvious it is that shes gonna smoke him up all fuckin day wednesday and he didnt even invite me.

    lemme know if its me thats crazy or my buddy... or his mom
  2. man that sucks 3 miles and u had to walk blazed such a buzz kill homie but yea it might be his mom because my friend mom pines up with us like everyday she wakes us up to a blunt haha but his dad is weird about smokin with us but it might have been his mom bro u just need ta talk to ya boy and see whats up

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