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Best first-time toker you ever lit up with?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jayjangle, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. I expect most of you have toked up at least once with someone who had never tried it before. Which one brought you a fun experience?

    I remember this kid in college who was always pretty awkward. Awesome guy; reliable friend and nicer than an angel made of hemp, but you know he wasn't exactly invited to a hundred parties a week. Anyway, me and the guy I shared a bathroom with were going to toke in the woods like we did every afternoon, and this kid was around and asked to go with us.

    I'm glad we brought him. He got really stoned and was coming up with some crazy theories about stuff. I can hardly remember everything, but he sounded like he was Jay Leno taking a summer trip to the Jamaican rain forests, if you can imagine that.

    I still keep in contact with him, and at this point he smokes bud that I can only dream of trying every day. He's doing fine and I'm glad I could help get him on the bandwagon. :smoke:
  2. Me and my stoner friend in highschool were asked if we could smoke this kid out. We go
    like yea ofcourse, come wtih us man. So we went out to buy weed, then we went to a
    close-by kindergarden where we made a couple of joints and blazed the three of us. So
    lets call the canna-virgin Brian. Brian just sits there and puffs on the joint. And I'm like
    hey man you gonna pass that shit soon? cus he had been holding it for a very long time.
    Then he stretches out his arm, passes the joint, then his head just falls to the table and
    he keeps laying there. My friend and I just laugh it off, finish the joints, then we bring
    Brian with us. When we go on the bus to get home, Brian goes to sit some random place
    away from me and my buddy, and we're like "wtf is he doing??". 15-20 seconds after
    he's been staring back and forth and looking for us, he finally saw us and came over to
    us. Then he starts touching his tongue, and saying dude my mouth is so dry over and
    over again. We hopped off the bus early so we could get him something to drink, after
    that he freaked out about his eyes being red, so we went to buy some eyedrops too. After
    that he just wanted to go home, cause he said he was so tired. we put him on the right
    bus and go on our marry way. Then I decide to text him "don't fall asleep on the bus. ;)"
    and he took that as "Don't fall asleep while high". He tried calling me a shitload of times,
    but I didn't notice, but he ended up passing out on his bed anyway, even though he was
    absolutely certain that he would die if he fell asleep.

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