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Best eye drops?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sunfish, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I have a real problem with red eyes because they blow my cover every time after I've smoked. In your experience, what are the best eye drops for getting rid of the stoner eyes?
  2. I like ClearEyes for redness (different from regular clear eyes). Comes with a pink label.
  3. Opcon-A, made by Bausch & Lomb. Works for me every time, very good at relieving redness and itching.
  4. The best I've used, and many other people will tell you the same, is Rohto V. A little more pricey than the usuals, but very awesome, and give your eyes a very refreshed feeling.

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  5. Rodos!!!! Either the ones with the Blue cap, or the Silver cap. Only way I can explain them is: Mouth wash for your eyes :)
  6. Blue Rohtos.
  7. these eyes drops are the shit!!!!! they might sting a little bit but youe eyes clear up super fast and they'll stay clear even if you smoke your self silly later.
  8. See :p

    I like the Rohto V Cool because they feel the best for me, and they're just made for redness, the other ones are for irritation and such, and since I wear contacts I'd rather just get the redness out, since my eyes rarely get irritated
  9. i like clear eyes for redness too because they dont hurt as bad
    but the rhoto v ones work really well if you dont mind the sting
  10. After using them 2 or 3 times it doesn't really feel like a sting to me...
    More like what the other guy said, "Mouthwash for your eyes", it's a really cooling sensation. Once I got used to it I use them even when I don't need them :O lol
  11. You guys have sold me on this stuff!
  12. i 2nd that. they kinda make my eyes itch but i have very sensative eyes.
    they clear up the redness && everything in just a matter of seconds.:hello:

    omg it was so funny one timel; i was putting in some eyedrops. && i dropped in like 8 or 9 drops.
    my friend said omg; all those drops, ur gona make ur pupils white & ur gona have white clear eyes. haha omg how he said it was so funny. ehh.
  13. The truth is any redness relief eye drops work. Rhotos are overkill, I'd rather not have that cold sensation in my eye

  14. Co-sign
  15. Rodos for sure, best hands down :smoke:
  16. as everyone else has said: Rohtos
    i put them in even when i'm not blazing
  17. I'll count myself as one of the many others lol. Like everyone else said at first its a crazy sting, but when you have a good buzz going nothing feels better. But as a side note, don't try them for the first time if you have to keep your eyes open for some reason (i.e. driving lol) my friend tried that and had to pull over.

  18. naphcon-a.. best drops ever but way expensive
  19. Rohto's hands down

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