Best Experiences On Weed?

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  1. It was only my second time smoking weed, and I go home with my best friend Angelo on Friday, (months ago) and we get a dime bag's worth and a little more. He was incredibly excited because it was some really good, high quality stuff. Medicinal quality. Just after our 3rd hit, we were blazed. We were listening to Dogs, a 17 minute long song by Pink Floyd, and my favorite of all time. After that, we listened to Welcome to the Machine, also a great song. By then, we had finished off half a nug, and the stuff was so strong, and we were so blazed, we decided to save the other half for the next morning. It was a starry night, and the car had ceased to be a car, it had become an interstellar space vehicle, flying through the depths of space. I could see every planet and every galaxy, it was kind of like that scene from Due Date where Robert Downey Jr. wakes up stoned. 
    And then he does something unexpected. He pulls out his Samsung Galaxy S tablet, a very nice one, and pulls out a youtube video. My eyes were locked on it, completely entranced. I didn't even know what a tablet was, it had to be some kind of magical device. It started out with a few text subtitles, and the beginning of a song, "Pass me da green" and the lyrics played, and I looked at Angelo thinking he was talking, because it was so accurate. Mind you, this is my second time. It starts off, "I know you don't smoke weed, I know this. But I'm gonna get you high today, because it's Friday, you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do!
    The bass drops, and thus began a 40 minute trip of the most beautiful animations I have ever seen with the trippiest trap and bass music ever. I couldn't even blink. I saw armies of televisions trying to capture the attention of animals and construction paper people, fading into a monkey man who fed humans to a machine to mountains of tits that he slid down with his face, a six-eyed scientist attempt to create an experimental world and an artifical AI to walk a dog that ended up transforming into a monster to kill him. Things I can't explain, things that don't make sense, at one point I wondered if the video I was watching was even real. Suddenly the bass builds up again, and the screen fades to black, and these words appear in white-- "Just say no to drugs." and me and my friend look at each other, bursting out laughing at the irony of it all, and the bass drops again, showing you more trippy animations.
    No matter how many times I watch that video, it doesn't get old, and to this day, that was the best experience I have had in my entire life. I highly encourage everybody, sober or blazing, to watch this video
    Anybody have great stories?

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  2. Went camping with my family this one time and got stoned with my sister and we lid down on the grass just looking up at the full moon and the stars. I have never seen so many stars in my life, and it all just felt so magical, like I was in some sort of fantasy, and I felt connected and in sync with everything. Then we just suddenly burst out laughing at absolutely nothing till our stomach's hurt xD
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  3. Concerts, road trips, sex and just chillin looking at the stars are all great experiences I've had while high.

    I think the BOC concert in '78 was the best concert high I ever had. I didn't have any weed to start the show, but snuck enough chemistry lab parts in to build a really cool bong once I got in. Everyone in my row wanted to hit it and they would fill a bowl and pass it back down the row. I left it in the stands after the show as I had no ride home and wasn't going to hitchhike 20 plus miles holding a bong.

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