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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Jxdubbs, Apr 13, 2016.


Best way to use wax, dab, concentrates

  1. Wax, oik, concentrates E-pens

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  2. Wax, oil, concentrates attachments for ego/510

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  3. Dab/Oil Rigs?

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  1. Hey fellow stoners. What do you think is the best Epen for dabs and oil.Im looking to spend $50 to $75. Any suggestions helps. Don't want to have to buy 3 to get one goodone.
  2. Well for your poll I voted rigs, dabbing is by far the best way to use concentrates. For when I am out and need to be discreet, the pen I use is the Puffco and it works great.
  3. My friend got a $20 little wax pen with Rick Ross on it, and it works like a champ. Don't know what it was called but if you see a little black vaporizer with a small white outlined rick ross on the bottom, that's it.

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