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  1. Hey guys, I'm in the market for a portable dry herb vaporizer and I cost isn't really a factor. Is the general consensus that the pax is the best? Let me know what you think
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    If you want stealth to be your main factor, the Pax isn't the best but still pretty good in this factor because of its size. If you want smell to be your main factor, the Pax isn't the best. If you want taste or vapor production to be your main factor, the Pax isn't the best. Look for things with glass like the Hammer, the Solo, the Ascent. Those three have good vapor production and taste, but smell a lot. If you want something that's stealthy (keep in mind it takes you longer to get where you want with this factor put in), take a look at the MFLB.
    If you want something that looks like a dugout, take a look at the Firewood as it also has a glass air path, it's thin to fit in your pocket and it has great vapor production. (You also can't beat the fact that the base model is $90). If you really think the Pax is great, you can take a stab at it. I just don't like the fact that a $250 hyped up MFLB is able to get a lot of sales with the problems it has.
  3. Does the pax smell that badly? I've seen different opinions on that. Some say it doesn't, some say it does and some say it does but not badly. And I'm not particularly looking for a vape that specializes in one thing (tho it does need to be pretty stealthy), I'm just looking for the best overall. Something that's good at everything even if it's not the best
    I haven't had any personal use with it, but what I can tell you is vapor production has a say in how smelly it is. It produces a good amount of vapor, so it won't be as stealthy as say an MFLB. With that being said, inside the MFLB smells to the point where people on the other side of the door can smell it. If you're looking for inside use, wait until people are asleep. Vaporizers don't smell as much as smoking, but people on here lead you to believe it has little to no odor. When it does have quite a good amount of odor. I vape a lot, and whenever I come back in the room I was vaping in, it really reeks like weed. Just straight up weed.
    But if you're looking for outside use, you could get an Ascent as the glass is on the inside which will hide the fact that you're "smoking" something (I've had people look at my Solo set up and they were like "you smoking something there?"). It basically looks like a phone of some sort.
    Add the FireFly to that list.
    Yes, the PAX does smell and the reason why it does is that it is conduction based that does not have an instant on/off feature.   The heat is always cooking your herb, as it's heating up, in between hits and as it's cooling down after you turn it off.
    The MFLB is also conduction based, but the heat is only applied when you are hitting it.     The FireFly is convection based but it too is a vape where heat is only applied when you are hitting it.
    Having a conduction based vape where the heat is always on not only causes it to smell more but it also goes through your weed quit a bit faster.
  6. How does the oven size compare between the Pax and MFLB and Firefly?
    The oven of the PAX is the biggest.    Then the Firefly, and then the MFLB.

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