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  1. Okay I have seen a couple threads about this already but they have all been asking about a specific one. I am just looking for the best vape pen for dry herb it doesn't have to vape oil or anything I want one that works best for dry. I keep reading about all these different ones and I don't know what to choose there is so many I wanted to hear from people that use them a lot. I have only had one before it was a atmosrx I think it was called it was prolly 2 n half yrs ago and it was okay but every 2 hits you had to open it up and stir it and the glass screen never worked and I don't care if it actually vapes it it can burn it I just want one that doesn't need to be stirred all the time so if I'm gonna get another one I would rather spend a lot and get a nice one. Thanks
  2. Hey there. I'm not much of a herbal vaper but i do vape (RDA,PTA tanks). I wanted to try herbal vapes recently and i realized that they have the same fitting (510) as my box-mods, therefore, i ordered a G-Pen tank on amazon and slapped it onto my box-mod (Cuboid 150W) ha ha. BAMM! Vaping at variable wattage/voltage ! Take that vape industry !!

    XD Now for real,
    If your looking for something that packs a punch and is efficient, i advise you buy a box-mod that runs 18650 batteries and then solely a herbal tank (Something like a G-Pen or a Cloupor). I found that to be ALLOT more efficient as the battery on the box-mod will last a century if your only using it for herbal vaping and the tanks usually hold allot of bud. Also, as i'm a Vaper myself, if i want to be minimal, i only need to carry 1 battery and 1 extra tank and just switch between vaping and weed vaping, no lighters...
    That's just my suggestion, yes box-mods can get expensive but all you need is something simple like a I-stick 50W device. nothing too crazy. Wont hurt your wallet as much and besides, if you ever decide to start vaping, you have the option :)
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  3. Wow I can't believe I never knew about those I guess I never really thought about it but that would prolly be perfect I have vaped for about 3 years now I am using that reaulex mod I think that's what it's called with the three 18650s and I got an ipv d2 or sigeli 75w I could use.Thanks!
  4. There you go :) Glad to be of some help.

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