Best drug to trip on??

Discussion in 'General' started by UglyInfidel, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. Okay, well i've been wanting to trip for a while, and i havn't made a decision on what would be the best/safest drug to trip on. I wanna make sure that i mean the right decision because if i'm going to trip i want to be able to enjoy it. Aight, well hit me up and let me know what you think.
  2. shrooms is the best SAFEST drug IMO... you just gotta watch the dosages and dont do it everyday... i shroom trip like once a year, makes it like everytime is the first time... and this year its gonna be halloween ! allright, 3 more days :)
  3. Everyone has their own personal preference on the best thing to trip on...I suggest reading up on all of the ones you can either afford or obtain and try them all. (Not in the same day!)

    Make sure you stay safe and always stick to the recommended dosages.
  4. i want to shroom but cant get a hold of some, but that probly is the safest, u could do DXM but thats not taht good of an idea, the acid if u know what ur doing and do just a little bit u should be good.
  5. hey, thanks for all the help. i have tried DXM before, but i didn't trip cause i got sick and threw up then passed out. haha, i'm never doing DXM again. It would still be nice if i could get some more opinions about what the best drug to trip on is. aight, thanks.
  6. What's the best to trip on? That's like asking, "Where's the best place to go on vacation?" The variety of answers, should more people choose to answer, could be just as varied.

    It depends on what you want to do. If you're going to be outside, I'd go for the shrooms. Shrooms are the all around natuaral hallucinogenic of choice, and being natural, should be enjoyed in natural suroundings.

    I, myself, like shrooms much more than I like acid... with acid the high is a lot harsher and the crash at the end is much rougher than with mushrooms.... at least that's what I've found to be true in my 200+ acid trips and my 75+ shroom trips.

    As with all hallucinogenics, be sure that you're going to be prepared to deal with anything your mind will come up with, and you'll pretty much be assured that the trip will be bummer-free. Here are a couple of tips for trippin' whether it be acid, shrooms, or any other hallucinogenics:

    1. There can be some scary shit that comes up from seemingly nowhere. Always keep the thought in your mind that it's all because you're trippin'. You are hallucinating. It's not real... not if you don't want it to be.

    2. No matter what the voices in your head or outside of your head may tell you, no matter what you feel to be true at that moment... you can't fly!

    3. Paranoia can seep in unnoticed and spring up without warning... do not let it get hold of you. Maintain a grip, no matter how remote, on Reality.

    4. When you reach a point where it seems like you can read another person's mind... don't believe it! It's simply not happening...!

    5. Trip with a friend... tripping alone is for the truly adventurous and should not be done without a lot of forethought.

    What it boils down to is this... be prepared and maintain some link with Reality... be safe and have a good time...

    But like I always say...
  7. Ive only tried shrooms, so I cant really say anything about acid n shit. However, shrooms are fuckin amazing. I do em only once in awhile, like once every 2 or 3 months, since theyre pretty hard to get around here. The shroom high is the best high ever, I love it. I am also doing them on halloween, and its gonna be killer. I am eating a quarter, gonna be awesome, the most ive ever done is 4.5g and that was awesome, i was seeing shit and trippin out like crazy.

    Haha, ya, you have to watch out for the paranoia, when i ate that 4.5g, I thought the cops were gonna get me and throw me into a mental institution. My friends convinced me that there was no way that would happen though, and I settled down.

    Being outdoors on shrooms is the best, especially forests. The trees look like theyre all alive and moving and its pretty awesome. Nothing better than a tripped out nature walk.

    So in conclusion, do shrooms. Theyre safe and lots of fun.
  8. DXM... dimethyltriptamine. You probably got sick and threw up because you were a first time user. dxm is known to have plateaus, and the first is described as feeling drunk and sick to your stomach. This is why teens claim to get drunk from cough syrup (containing dxm) when in fact, they are experiencing the first plateau.

    DXM is the trippiest trip I have ever had. When in fact you do reach the final plateau, your senses slowly start to dissapear. At that point I experience myself watching my body. People call that an out of body experience, and it is awesome.

    But I would never do this again. I would stick to some tasty shrooms!

    <3 Beth
  9. Mushrooms...stick with organic! Acid could have anything in it, could be made by Jeffrey Dahmer's love slave or John Wayne Gacy's mom, so you never know. Peyote buttons are good too, but the desert is the place to find those. Plus if you don't know what to scrape out with a little knife, you can get sick as a dog. So in conclusion, I'd like to finish by ending.-------->Mushrooms!!

  10. DXM is actually dextromethorphan.
  11. I'm way outta touch with all these new-fangled drugs hitting the market...what does DXM do for you? Or to you? Never heard of it...unless it's the stuff in those Contac capsules? The little red beads that years ago I heard if you separate the red beads from the others, it gives you some kind of buzz? I wonder how many capsules you'd have to undo to get enough red beads to make a difference?

  12. You mean like make a difference in the world? LOL!

    DXM has been in cough medicine since I was a kid.
  13. I would go with half an eigth of shrooms or 1 hit of good acid. The acid might be like a full 1/8 of shrooms though.
  14. That's exactly what I meant...actually I meant the universe. How many would it take to make a difference in our universe? & the only cough medicine I recall with any narcotics was Terpin Hydrate & Codeine. Now that's been around since my folks [who have since deceased] were born. This DXM stuff was not ever recognized as anything special when I was a kid in the 50s.

  15. 43... or so says the universe.
  16. ha my favorite trips are when reality seems like it never was. i guess i just like to lose my mind occasionally.
  17. Psychoactive mushrooms are the safest, but definitely not the funnest(in my opinion) to trip on. I would go for E.

  18. obviously, you've maintained some sort of grip on reality, some way to bring you back safely to the here and now. It's somewhat like bungee jumping: if you don't have that bungee cord holding on to your ankles, you'll go too far and not be able to come back. 'Losing' your mind is a lot like that, not being able to come back. I've been to the brink of total detachment on hallucinogenics, but I've never crossed over that line. It was like 'reality never was'. Words no longer made sense. My sense of 'self' just melted away. I couldn't even make the connection between my name and me. You know what I mean? Those are my favorite types of trips! Even then, there are ways back to reality, but if you lose that grip on it, you can be lost forever.

    Make sense?

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