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where is Cedar Point?

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    So I know I'm guilty of saying that phrase a lot. "That was the best day of my life, I swear." But this time... oh no, this time was for real...

    This will be a longer post, so get your bowls ready now.

    So yesterday I went to Cedar Point. For those who don't know, it's the second oldest roller coaster park in the world, and one of the best, located in Sandusky Ohio on lake Erie. Now luckily for me, the drive there isn't crazy out of the way, but it's not a short drive either, about an hour and a half. I've been smoking, eating, and vaporizing cannabis for about a year and a half now, and the last time I went to CP I hadn't been introduced to this amazing plant. But this year was different, oh yes. Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to CP, and this time I brought my Boundless CFX and about 2-3 grams of pre-ground weed in a little plastic capsule (might have been from some Kinder product, not sure) with us to the park. Our day started out by going to Subway around 8:15 in the morning and got our lunch/dinner. One of the unexpected parts of my day happened here, because the woman in front of us in line was going to Devil's Lake in Michigan, and she had quite a big order and some coupon that gave her drinks included with her order, but she didn't want them, so she gave the 32 oz cups to us and we got free drinks to do along with our food :D then we drove, and drove until we got there. (Girlfriend edit: no, we didn't just "get there" as Creed just said. We almost got to Cleveland for the third time in a row trying to get to CP. The boy is good at many many things, but somehow he can't figure out how to drive to this place).

    Nowadays you can have all your tickets and stuff on your phone, which wasn't an option last time I went, so we had our tickets pre-bought and had QR codes so the parking people and the ticket people could just scan them. So parking was easy. When we finally parked we waited for the other people near us to unload their cars because vaping isn't 100% smell free and wanted to start the day cautiously. Oh, this was my first time bringing weed into a really public place, so I was kinda paranoid a bit, but it got better later. So we vaped our first bowl in the car and got a good buzz going, then we went towards the park. This next part was probably the most nerve-racking of the entire trip. So at CP, they have a big covered area to leave coolers and stuff. So we get over there, nicely baked, and at this point I had my CFX in a shorts pocket that snapped up on the thigh, you know these kinda big front pockets. I also had my cleaning brush and the pod inside of a plastic bag next to it. We get over there, and after we set down our food my girlfriend saw a dog, and she has anxiety, which made this situation worse. But when I looked over at it I saw a fucking German Shepard in a blue vest being led around by some dude. Although I didn't glance back too much, the guy didn't look like a cop, and the vest looked like a service dog vest to me. And if it wasn't a service dog, I think it would be more likely to be a bomb dog, not a drug dog. Anyone know for sure? During this time she was getting kind of panicked, but I just tried to pay the dog no attention and act calm, because if it were a detection dog, it probably would have been able to see any sketchy behavior and glancing, anxious looks. Anyways, being blazed and carrying, we noped the fuck out of there and calmly went to the main entrance. Hey surprise, guess what? Since the last time I've been to Cedar Point, they installed security checkpoints before the main entrance. At this point I was honestly nervous, so we casually walked out to a different part of the parking lot like we had forgotten something in our car to an area where there weren't many people. We brainstormed a bit there, and we rearranged some shit. We put her phone in a small pocket on the bookbag we had, and put the CFX behind it with the charging ports facing out, so if we had to open that pocket at the security checkpoint, we could just say that it's her phone and power bank behind it, since the CFX doesn't have the best camouflage compared to a Pax or wax pen. But the pod of herb was trickier. Being my first time trying to bring weed to a place like this, I wasn't taking any chances, and took the pod which was inside of the plastic bag and tucked it behind my coin purse (where the sun don't shine), since even if I had to turn out my pockets, that area wouldn't get messed with. Went up to the gate, and when they had my take all metal out of my pockets, turns out you can't bring small pocket knives into the park. FUCK. Had to walk ALLLL the way back to the car to lock it up there. It was like a 5-10 minute walk back, so I nonchalantly dislodged my package from my package on the way there, and replaced it once I returned and got close enough to the gate again. Breezed by security, no problem. We get up to the area where they scan your tickets, and the lady asked me how I was, etc. then started conversing with her friend who was next to her in Spanish. Being really baked, without thinking I asked her "Sabes dónde están los mapas?" while scrolling through the phone to the next ticket. Although I'm a gringo, I do speak Spanish fluently as my second language, and she seemed really surprised by that. When I hear Spanish sober I'm more likely to speak it afterwards, but there's basically no other option when I'm high. She was from Spain and had family in a city that I lived in, and it was refreshing to have a Spanish conversation with someone. Funny enough, there was a group of about 4 guys behind us who also spoke Spanish, and they were talking among themselves about what I had told the ticket lady about our study abroad experiences etc. Really nice folks. After some screen brightness issues we went through that gate.

    FINALLY in the park, we felt so much safer. Everyone had their e-cigs and other vapes, which is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. We have a tradition of always riding Max Air first, since the lines are never terrible and it's an awesome ride. The wait was about 30 minutes to ride, and let me tell you, being high DESTROYS those long horrible waits in line. We chatted and giggled about the experience with the ticket scanner and just took it all in. I took the time to do a Miuri map fold on the map the Spanish girl gave me. Riding Max Air was an exhilarating experience, I couldn't stop giggling it was epic. I don't know man, but if you've never been on a roller coaster high, you just can't put it into words. After that we went on their ferris wheel where we got our own car and loaded another bowl and just chilled looking around at the park. It was weird, even when the wheel was stationary it felt like I was still slowly turning, like legit convinced it was moving, and that happened many times.

    This next part was, with no joke, THE single most thrilling moment in my life. We headed over to the Wicked Twister, and being close to the water freshly blazed was such a calming experience. After we got to the front of the line I put our bag in the bins they have, and I took my seat and got buckled in. 30 or 40 seconds probably passed before the ride took off, but in that time I managed to ride a speeding train of thought so far away from that moment that I was consumed by the thought/daydream and literally FORGOT I WAS ON A FUCKING ROLLER COASTER, and I'm telling you... when that thing took off going from 0-50 mph almost instantly I got yanked back to reality SO FAST. SO HARD. I almost screamed it terrified me so much, and after that initial spike of fear I felt the most intense feeling of euphoria that I can remember experiencing and I could not, for the life of me, stop laughing. It kept getting faster and faster each time it blasted through the station, it was just so intense...

    After that part we rode the Witch's Wheel, and we shared a car/cage thing. Every time before this we always have, and I've always enjoyed holding her while we're flying around, but being high brought it to a whole other level. It felt really intimate holding her in front of me while I closed my eyes, giggling, feeling like I was flying up through the sky strapped to a rocket. The Magnum came next, but beforehand we wanted to vape another bowl, so I packed another bowl, and this time we decided to sit on a bench a little out of the way and just vape there. At first, I was pretty paranoid about it because I know that vaping isn't completely odor-free, especially at the beginning of a bowl, and there were still 4 or 5 people on the benches not far from us. But whoever got thing whole vape train going and made e-cigs and vaporizers mainstream... YOU DA REAL MVP, because literally, it was almost like we weren't smoking weed in the middle of Cedar Point. A couple people would look at us and their gaze would linger a second longer than you'd expect, but they'd look away and never look back. Probably just thinking to themselves that they don't see many vapes like ours. We didn't like have the CFX blatantly out or anything, because you know, it's not the stealthiest vape around (although it hits like a fucking champ), we would just kind of like casually palm it as much as we could while making it look natural. No weird looks, no one approached us... just smooth toking. Because, Just a young couple inhaling from a little device in their hands and exhaling vapor. Must be an e-cig, you know, right? Oh, this was our first time vaping herb in public, so we were a little nervous because of that too.

    Phew. We walked over to the Magnum, blazed, and looked at the wait time sign. 30 minutes. Giggity. The wait went really smoothly until we got stuck right under one of those huge misting fans for like 10 minutes straight. Got pretty cold there, but it wasn't too bad. Continuing descriptions like that for everything would be too much, but the experiences were mostly the same, crazy, breath taking, I can't even.

    But the Blue Streak was the best. It was right before we left, and there wasn't any line, so we could stay on the ride as many times as we wanted without getting out. We stayed on for 3 rides because it was a little too concussion inducing, but the magic of that ride was that we could easily se the ferris wheel from it, and it was all lit up with flashing and swirling patterns, and I just stared at it constantly while riding the coaster over and over again, riding the waves of euphoria along with the waves of the ride and got lost in the ferris wheel's colors and movements. It felt like nothing else existed while I was staring at it. But when I looked away from it we were laughing so hard that we sounded like screaming chimpanzees, and my high pitched laughter combined with the jolts from the ride made my hysteric laughter sound just like a whistling teapot. After that we went back to the car, vaped our last bowl, finished our subs, chilled, and snacked talking about everything. Butt you know by now, we were really craving some munchies, so she looked for a nearby Wendy's on her phone and we got fries and frosties and reclined in the parking lot to eat. But, we got lucky again and got our third free drink of the day at the window when the lady in front of us decided she didn't want her sweet tea, so the girl at the window just gave it to us.

    Definitely one of the highlights of my life so far. Do any of you have similar stories?
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