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Discussion in 'General' started by LilWyte2590, May 28, 2006.

  1. what would you consider to be the best drug combo?
    ive done a bunch of combinations but id have to say either weed and booze,or painkiller(morphine or percoset ES) with weed.coke and painkillers(for the comedown) is always a good combo for that horrid comedown.

    im going to be trying shrooms soon,i was thinkin of smokin a little bud with it,does it make for a good combo?
  2. shrooms and weed makes for an EXCELLENT combo. Anything plus weed will make the anything better.

    I personally like Acid + DXM + Weed. I want to add shrooms into this one time too... that might be a bit too much though... idk.
  3. my favorite combo is.


    and then weed after about 10 mins after my final line, none during becasue they dont mix well. But afterwards weed is a good one lol.

    But yes, shrooms n weed is a good combo, dxm n weed, painkillers n weed. I like weed with about everything except coke and crack.
  4. Hmm candyflipping

    E and Acid
  5. My favorite has always been beer, whiskey, weed and soma's. Those 4 together and im in heaven.
  6. i am a big fan of dxm and weed

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