Best coco nutes?

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  1. I've been using fox farm, but would like to try something new. What does everybody think is best????

  2. I've used House & Garden aqua flakes, and they're great on coco, even though they're designed for hydroponic setups.
    I got them for free from a generous hydro store employee though, they may be pricey. It's a 2-part formula, so that's a bit easier.
  3. I run House and Gardens Coco line.  I use some of their additives as well as a few other things.  I can't complain one bit, highly impressed. My buddy owns a shop so I get a good deal on it.  I've ran Canna Coco lines as well, and I prefer H&G hands down.  I swear by Roots Excelurator!
  4. Can't really say much because I've only used advanced sensi with advanced additives. I can say they work great for me. I also use great white and roots excelerator and that stuff is by far the best thing out.
  5. I use H&G aqua flakes also and have great success never had an issue in soil, hydro or coco, in coco I use 1ml less A&B than the nutrient calculator states and have seen no defencencies at all in yield rates, potency or flavor degredation. I also use all the additives, have had controlled tests at 3 independant labs and have seen the differences in yields,terpenes, flavors and potencies, and not for a few strains on everything i've had tested while using additives as directed.
    At the very least get H&G Roots Excellerator it is the best on the market and is amazing stuff, Well Worth The Cost, and man does it cost!
    But very little is needed so it goes a long way. One more tip in coco I always use Drip Clean at recomended rates it keeps salts from building up and aids in the flushing stages, I also use hydroton expanded clay pellets on bottom of my pots just above holes, keeps the coco from washing out.
    Hope this helps a little good luck.
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  6. Always used the botanicare nutes and additives...
  7. I use modified lucas @ 6m/9b with 2ml calmag, and a little dripclean. Simple, great results.
  8. There's something about Botaincare's CocoGro mix and the Fox Farms Nute Trio that seem to work together flawlessly! I am not switching until I have good reason to...
  9. I've been happy with the CNS-17 line.
  10. ^^^^^ this
  11. I was using cns17 and various other fix and match stuff I thought I needed... Recently switched to House&Garden cocos and their entire lineup and couldnt be happier... Cost me about $250 to get it all off of amazon and ebay... But by following their schedule it seems it will last a while...
  12. GH Lucas formula with some half strength Kool Bloom weeks 2-4.
  13. I like the cns17 line. I don't remember what I paid for it but I know I bought my ppm and ph meter and nutes for about or less than $250. That seems expensive in my opinion. 
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    $250 is expensive. Think of all the soil you could build that would grow water only plants for years to come for $250.  ;) 
    Never thought I'd see the day I switched teams. CNS17 will always have its place in my heart, I'll still probably use it on my coco moms. 
    But different strokes as they say. I got respect for all forms of growin. 
  15. I use flying skull plant products. Have used canna, advanced, h&g and various others. Flying skull by far out performs all of them and cheaper to run.

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