Best clothes to wear whilst high?

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  1. So imma be toking in some time. What kinda clothes do you think feels best to wear whilst high? Tight fitting,loose fitting, naked xD? Just curious
  2. Silk jammies if you’re willing to splurge.

    Otherwise cashmere feels superb. I have a set of cashmere sweats that are to die for.

    But really any knit and breathable fabric will be nice and cozy. And fuzzy socks make everything nice.

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  3. This might be the dumbest thread ever but for the sake of this, I'd say wearing pajamas and a nice hoody do the trick. Keep you warm and fluffy lol
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  4. Depends on the activity :ey:
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    Sensual = anything smooth cool and feels just right
  6. Sweatpants, hoodie
  7. I really like leggings while high. I think topless while high is better than any kind of shirt but if I had to choose I would choose a tank top.
  8. Super casual clothes

    Shorts and Tank Tops, T Shirts

    Sweatpants and Yoga Pants

    Oversized Sweatshirts

    I do not mind smoking when dressed formal either but Id prefer to do it outside in order to stink less
  9. Smoking hat - a beanie, or aviator hat
  10. Beanies are a favorite, yup

    Hoodies are ok too
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  12. Depends on where you toke. At home I just do it in my underpants outdoors I usually wear boots jeans and band shirts.

    Another piece of advice: don't wear anything with cannabis on it.
    It makes you a poser and a prime target for cops to harass
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  13. Good advice man my friend was wearing Addidas shoes with the the rasta stripes & they got stop & searched.. the funniest thing is they don't smoke weed :laughing::laughing:
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  14. Nothing at all
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  15. one word. hoodies.
  16. T shirt and basketball shorts

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