Best "classical" metal-band...

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  1. ...gotta be Black Sabbath

    Kiss was a bunch af hairy-fairies
    Iron Maiden a Posse of posers
    AC/DC a bunch of little boys

    I didn't step on anyone's toes now, did I?

  2. Yeah, if youre talking about most innovative or just 70's bands, sabbath for sure. Otherwise, my personal fave is METALLICA!

  3. Metallica is in a league of it's own. Beeing both "classical" and modern. Kicks ass tho'.
  4. ...I almost wet myself seeing them live...
  5. oh yeah? what year did you see them?

    I (sadly) haven't seen them yet, but im def. going to this summer. Gonna kick ass!
  6. Copenhagen around 96-98, i forget... I drank a lot back then... Still do come to think about it, but not *that* much :)

    Beeing on the road is dangerous to your liver and wallet.
  7. classical metal?

    gotta be Symphony X.
  8. Metallica at least had the balls to reinvent themselfes, which Maiden never have.

    As a musician, you are entitled to strong opinions about music. Great, I love that. I'm a musician too (when I have the time...) and have equally strong opinions. But I'm not that dogmatic in my taste. I'm open to new influences and change in the sound, both in general music-genres and specific bands.

    I not saying either that Sabbath is the best band that ever was. Faith no More was... But they're not a "classical" metal band.

    Oh, and I could'nt care less about what Ozzy is doing now. Ozzie is *not* Sabbath. I do enjoy the TV show tho'.

    As for Ozzy beeing dumb, well, that's what hard drinking and hard drugs will do to you. Totally fries your brain.

    Hehe, Ozzy is turning out to be the Britney Spears for geriatrics :)
  9. Two Words.

    Judas Priest.

    Now hang on a minute.

    I'm not talking the later commercial sellouts.

    I'm talkin early Priest.

    Go find "Stained Class" and "Sad Wings of Destiny" and see what you think.

    Still two of the best IMHO for classic metal.

    Can you classify Rush as metal?

    They are also one of my fav's from the good ol' days.

    Getty might sing like a choirboy, but he was my inspiration for picking up the bass!
  10. Maiden were probably the Pioneers of the NWOBHM (new wave of british heavy metal)... along with Def Leppard and of course Judas Priest...but IMO you couldnt really hang with Maiden...Murry and Smith were one of the best guitar duos ever...Priest comes close...

    now if you mean classic like real old school then yea Black Sabbath were one of the best...they were the darkest and most raw of their dad didnt like em back in that day cause they were so "negative"..he always said "now Led Zepplin was great, they werent so negative...they talked about getting laid, and having a good time!"

    anyway its all people opinion but nowadays i like more technical bands like Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Queensryche, Rush, ect...

    but Metallica (pre 1992) never fails me :)
  11. "the sands of time....for me....are running looooooooooooooowwwww....running lowwwwwwwwwwwww OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! "

    hehe god Bruce is the shit
  12. classical? how bout yngwie malmsteen. maiden is my favorite band personally as i stated before. i agree w/ h.b. and woody, and i like old priest too altho i only have 2 from them-def. of the faith and british steel. ----but leave ozz alone! i don't care if ozzy can't walk too good, you gotta love the guy. thank god for him. his voice is the best.bruces is great too although on live after death he sounds exausted cause he is screaming where he should be singing, but what do you expect for 2 years straight of one tour? the brave new world is excellent, especially with that new producer. and bruce is back in tip top shape. they need to get rid of jannak gers and stick with smith and murray. i just got the eddies archives for christmas and its great. it has some stuff i've never heard and the old live stuff has great sound quality- 6 cds.

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  13. well Yngwie is probably the best of the neo-classical metal scene...(i dunno Tony MacAlpine surpasses him in a way..) but damn i sure love Yngwie
  14. mc alpine is awesome. so is vinnie moore. moore's newer album is really good. i forget what its called but i reccommend it. i've heard mc alpine's 1st 3 albums and love them.
  15. cant get enough o the maiden mate... heres the orig. lineup with dennis stratton in 1980 . i played in a band that did maiden covers galore ,but trans. and prowler are great songs- hell they all are.

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  16. i think Clive Burr was an underated drummer, i dont think that was the original line up.. there was another dude, Doug Sampson who played drums in the very begining...but im telling you dudes... Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is their most prime album i think \m/
  17. I really dig Maiden's music, but what the fuck is up with their outfits from the 80-90's? All the spandex and neon colors of a cock rock band. Disgusting!
  18. dude if you have to ask, then youll never know :)
  19. Temallicaaaaaa!
  20. I stand corrected !! Hes not on the 1st album though, is he? That sucks Clive Burr has MS .

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