Best cartoon ever!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by LordHeinich19, Mar 22, 2006.


    ok now for the story part... my friends and I were on the computer whilst tokin and we found the most hilarious cartoon i have ever seen, or maybe it was just because i was high at the time:smoke:, well anyway, my friend was trying to chug a beer because thats what he does... and as soon as i hit the "watch this movie" button i knew it would be hilarious. then when it got to the ending my friend sprayed the beer all over the place! it was awsome but sucked at the same time because we had to clean up ... see for yourself... peace:smoke:
  2. haha thats pretty funny
  3. lol what the hell? It did make me laugh though
  4. its a little short but i think its awsome:D especially after a good :smoke:
  5. No actually thats pretty stupid.:(
  6. did u watch all of it? if u did and u dont like it then i guess i was wrong... aw whatever man, theres still southpark

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