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Best Camera for Macros?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DayHota, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. I've been documenting my pick-ups for a few months now, but I only have my camera phone (2.0megapixel) and I can do okay macros with my scanner.

    After seeing some of the photos on here, I have to get a proper camera because I feel like I'm not properly documenting my nugs ! :p

    So, to the cannabis photographers, what are some cameras that will do my buds justice ?
  2. Sony DSC-W55

    Just take a look at Lebowski's thread here.

    Those were taken with that camera.
  3. a dslr or my sony wsc-w90
  4. if you want to take GOOD pictures of ANYTHING get a digital SLR (digital cameras with removable lens)

    if not then just buy some shitty small digi cam because really they are all teh same now
    no matter 8 mega pixels or 12 they usually take the same pictures.
    the thing that makes the pictures good is the sensor in the camera..theres only like a few kind of sensors
  5. I use a Nikkon D-300 with a AF-S VR Micro-Nikkon 105mm R/2.8G IF-ED lens.

    Now, that fucking roxors ma boxors. Lol


  6. Hehe, thanks phased.

    Yeah anything from my gallery was taken with that. I think the average retail price is 200-350, but I found mine on sale at fry's for 175$.

    There is one problem with this camera- it only has autoexposure, you can in no way adjust the exposure, it automatically approximates it from what it sees in the frame, which works most of the time but can be annoying for certain shots.
    Other than that the macro lens has like a 2cm focal range, so you can get very close.
  7. Yea thanks Lebowksi, I actually started this thread cause you inspired me to get a real camera haha
  8. If u really want to take good macros u should get a reflex camera and a macro objective. If u'r really only going to use it to shoot pics off u'r buds u will wanna go wit something cheaper though cause i'm talking about + 1500 bukcs here. My friend has an olympus wich takes very respectable macros, i don't know wich model though but i know it's the only model the have wich is shock and water proof.
  9. Most digicams have macro feature. Just read the reviews.

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