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Best California City for Growing

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by bonomnom, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. I am a personal grower currently living in Chicago and was considering the viability of moving to California to grow medical marijuana to sell to dispensaries. I have looked over the city and county laws and would like to live in a city and grow the most plants I legally (state) can and was also wondering about areas that are more weed friendly. I used to live in LA but was not a grower at the time. I would prefer to live in or near the city.

    My questions are:
    1. Where can I legally grow the most pot
    - Does canopy square footage apply to mature plants only or all plants grown
    - Oakland allows 72 plants but only 32 sq. ft. canopy while SF allows 24 plants and 25 sq. ft. of canopy
    2. How easy is it to sell to dispensaries at a reasonable price, IE is the market too saturated to sell higher legal quantities
    3. Do I need to be taxed when selling to dispensaries or could this be considered a legitimate way to make income?

    Any help getting these three questions answered would be great. I have the knowledge to set up an operation, but I would like to be in compliance with city/county/state laws
  2. the number of plants you are allowed to have is determined by the county laws. In orange county (where i live) you can only have 6 mature and 12 immature. Up north, there are some counties that allow you to have like 99 plants.... big difference.

    Then again, if you are just trying to sell to dispensaries and become a caregiver i would recommend living in LA area or Orange County cuz you can sell it for A LOT more. Plus, if you are a caregiver, you would be able to grow more than what the regular law allows.

    If you are growing for 100 different people, you can have 1200 immature and 600 mature plants (wow, i know).
  3. dont wanna be a party pooper. but as at see it here in nor cal.... its flooded. theres no market for medical sales to a dispenserys.. plus only 1 out of hundreds is actually good enough product for dispenserys to even consider putting it on the shelf. so if your trying pursue that, id say dont waste your time.
  4. I was looking at bang for my buck, most plants while being the caregiver to the least people. I have two or three friends who would want to be bought, $1000 (rent) as well as weed, to legally be giving the patients health assistance as well as another form of assistance (housing assistance), for their legal quantities so I have room to expand. I also have a car so traveling a legal amount of weed to LA would be simple for me 6 hours from the bay area per say or 80 bucks in gas. I am curious to know if I will have many problems selling to dispensaries with a large crop even if it is to multiple
  5. Like that other guy said, down in LA and such there are hundreds of dispensaries.

    You can buy hightimes weed off the kids downtown at any city in the bay pretty much.

    Its just a major hustle down there and lots of competition.

    Not to mention it'll prob be legalized in November, at least wait until you see what happens there.
  6. Santa Cruz County allows all you can fit in a 10x10 room and well as Alameda County. If it is legalized it wont be worth squat.
  7. I thought on Jan 22 the higher Ca. court ruled that cities & countys could not modifie or put limits on what the voters voted for, there where no limits on # plants or quanitie of dried product in what was passed by the voters of Ca.
    Please someone correct me, I read this in more than one publication in print & on line, did it not happpen or was it reversed?
    Oh and Long Beach Ca. seems to be the newest most Cannabis friendly citie, check recent council meetings.
  8. CA Supreme Court Throws Out Medical Marijuana Limits | Cannabis Culture Magazine

    CA Supreme Court Throws Out Medical Marijuana Limits

    In a unanimous ruling, the California Supreme Court has affirmed an appeals court ruling throwing out statewide limits on the possession and cultivation of medical marijuana.

    Overruling the appeals court decision, the Court left in place a voluntary ID card program that protects patients from arrest, citing a similar ruling in San Diego NORML, supra 165 Cal.App.4th.

    The Compassionate Use Act (CUA), passed as Prop. 215 by the voters in November 1996, contained no limits on the amount of marijuana a patient or caregiver may possess or cultivate. Courts have left open the "amount reasonably related to his or her medical needs." However, the CUA protects patients against prosecution only, not arrest.

    Under SB420, which set up the state MMP (Medical Marijuana Program), patients who voluntarily register for a state-issued ID card are protected against arrest. The court left the ID card program in place, while throwing out the 8-oz., 6 mature or 12 immature plant statewide limits. Those limits were overridden by several counties and cities across the state, as the law allowed.

    The defendant, Patrick Kelly, who has hepatitis C, chronic back pain, and cirrhosis, was arrested in October of 2005 for possessing 12 ounces and cultivating 7 plants at his home in Lakewood, California. Kelly was convicted a year later by a jury, which concluded that he had exceeded the state-imposed limits. California's Second Appellate District Court overturned Kelly's conviction on the grounds that legislatively-imposed limits on possession and cultivation of medical marijuana are an unconstitutional restriction to a voter approved initiative.

    Both parties in the case, Kelly and the State Attorney General, agreed that medical marijuana limits should be abolished as unconstitutional, and both agreed that the limits should be enforced for "those persons who voluntarily participate in the program by registering and obtaining ID cards." But the court left the second question open. According to a press release from Americans for Safe Access, "Advocates remain concerned that without guidance on personal use amounts, police may abuse their discretion to arrest patients who are in compliance with the law."

    "This ruling reinforces the status quo," said Dale Gieringer of California NORML. Gieringer interprets the ruling to mean patients will still have a "safe harbor" against arrest if they follow the stated guidelines, and can argue for any medically necessary amount in court.

    The court affirmed this. "Whether or not a person entitled to register under the MMP elects to do so, that individual, so long as he or she meets the definition of a patient or primary caregiver under the CUA, retains all the rights afforded by the CUA. Thus, such a person may assert, as a defense in court, that he or she possessed or cultivated an amount of marijuana reasonably related to meet his or her current medical needs, without reference to the specific quantitative limitations specified by the MPP."
  9. I have always wondered if a Dispensary can actually supply it's own cannabis?? Would you have to become a collective and then be a "caregiver" to all your patients that came to your establishment?? Also as far as legality it is a huge grey area in CA that is for sure so you must be very careful and read up on all the legal material you can on the subject so that you can make informed decisions and keep your nose clean. Feds can always come in and enforce federal law no matter what really but they have pretty much made busting medical MJ dispensaries as a lowest priority as they got much bigger fish to fry I gather. As long as you remain within the law to the letter then there is pretty much a 90% chance or more that you can get off of a wrongful arrest if god forbid that happened to you and make sure you have a lawyer, probably the first person I would contact if thinking about getting into legitimate MJ sales of any kind.
  10. I agree with this as far as don't think you are going to be a big time cash cropper on your first grows.
    Is the price for a pound still what is was 5 years ago, did it dip or rise?
    Demand will drive supply & $$$, should be interesting where the whole sale & dispensarie/retail price go's in the next 18-36months.
    Don't forget the tomatoe model :hello:
    And if I didn't already post it, Long Beach CA., all cannabis sold in L.B. must be grown in L.B.
    per L.B. city council, and they didn't put a limit on dispensaries in L.B., lets hope there going to be smart about that similar to Oakland & SFO & charge a big fee for just the application to apply.

  11. Know someone in east bay legally allowed to grow 96.
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    I could not resist, I have to chime in on this one. I have some personal experience with this one, and I am friends with many growers in the industry.

    I live in Sonoma County, and currently there is no limit on the amount of cannabis you can grow with your 215. However, the previous county limit was 30 plants, 100 sq ft canopy combined veg, 1500 watts, and 3 pounds dried. The fact that they have lifted the restrictions has posed more problems like has been previously mentioned.

    The police and sheriffs in Sonoma county follow their best judgement when making an actual arrest. I have heard many different versions of the same story among friends who have experienced this:

    If the law enforcement decides to, they can arrest you, sieze all your equipment and plants, and basically let everyone in your entire neighborhood including your landlord if you have one know that you are growing through making a giant scene involving many police cars and carrying plants outside-letting them sit on the sidewalk, etc.. Even if you do get your plants/equipment back (given you don't have a good lawyer like I do who has won every case resulting in retail compensation to the maximum yield possible for the plants they confiscated resulting in next to fair deal) they will be deliberately or indeliberately damaged. You will have time in jail (if you do not bail) upon awaiting arraignment and time before a judge in which case you are usually released on OR. You must then show up to a trial in which case all evidence will be used against you including but not limited to scales, names, lists, pictures, personal information, and anything you say. So if you do grow its best not to have these things obviously.

    Theres many things that can influence a law enforcement officers decision to detain you:

    1. confirmation of the validity of your recommendation in a timely fasion.

    2. if you are over the old county limit.

    3. personal safety and fire code, electrical code (if they believe you are a fire threat).

    4. your attitude when they want to come in search you, and how you show respect to them and what they do for a living.

    5. prior convictions.

    6. which individual law enforcement officers are involved ( I know this may be an offensive statement but this is what has been told to me by many)

    7. presence of schools/daycare centers/large apartment complexes etc. Do not grow near these or for that matter within city limits.

    8. how discreet you are.

    9. your compliance. its best to just keep your mouth shut and let them do their job and if they make a decision to arrest you, be cool or you will have damaged gear.

    10. knowing your rights and the verbage necessary to refuse a search unless they have a warrant or probable cause.

    This brings up a personal story of mine:

    A few months ago I did an Aquaponic grow which I documented on youtube under the search "aquaponic cannabis". I was out of town and my roomate (secret tweaker I later discovered) drew police attention to my place. The police showed up, searched it (they had probable cause), and found my Aquaponic laboratory in the garage.

    There were 4 Santa Rosa Police Officers that showed up (2 squad cars). When they discovered my grow, they actually made jokes about it and were impressed by all the fish and frogs. My friend told them I was a medical grower, scientist and I had my current 215 posted on the wall and I was way under limit for canopy, numbers, and wattage. They took pictures, joked around some more and some were seen actually climbing under my flood and drain tables to check out the Koi Fish. They left it intact and detained my friend for being under the influence of a controlled substance and he was not taken to jail but to a detox facility where he was released 5 days later. I knew nothing about this and when I returned I found some things out of place and some footprints. I later got a call from my friend, and I was relieved at the news. This put me in the clear and basically gave me some piece of mind knowing that the chances of them coming to my location again due to my grow would be minor.

    Anyway I hope this helps, but just know that growing for a profit is long and gone and you should grow to provide your own medicine. People around here grow outdoors and produce 20+ pound gardens once a year with next to no overhead. The dispensaries are not even paying enough money to cover your electrical bills let alone nutrients, time, and risk. If you are going to grow for a profit I would recommend against this, and if you are willing to commit a crime at least go to a state that has NEW medical marijuana laws and has not had the saturation California has.


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  13. By the way plant numbers don't really matter. If you use good technique you can get more yield with 6 plants than 99 plants in a 100 sq ft canopy but your veg could be longer depending on your grow room layout.

  14. Check out my grow of only 6 plants, and almost 24 sq ft of canopy in a 24 sq ft cabinet :D I like maximizing yield with a limited number of plants
  15. Here in Orange county the local police (not the feds) will still kick in your door and drag your family in the streets at gun point for growing medical weed. The DA said he will still arrest anyone growing marijuana and let the judges sort out who is worthy of prison. He wants to be seen as tough on crime.

    Caregiver certificates and doctor's recommendation notes are only used as a defense after you are busted.

    We keep it on the "down low" in this neck of the woods.

    It is still not near legal here in the OC.
  16. Rumple, have you & the wifey ever checked out

    Cannabis Planet
    KJLA: Friday, April 30 10:30 PM
    Agriculture, Medical

    Explores the industrial, medical and agricultural merits of the cannabis plant.

    I fully endorse it, with encores on Saturday nights, followed by Poormans Bikini Beach.

  17. Supply and Demand does not effect marijuana. Something i have learned from dealing when i used to live in Florida is that there is a limitless amount of customers and businesses in the cannabis world. For the simple fact that weed is smoked, people will always be looking for bud. To make things better, one person has more then one person they buy from, allowing for collective expansion.

    If you grow it, they will buy it. This will never change even if a dispensary won't take your bud, your friends will and so on. Even if it goes legal as well, as Marijuana smokers we need to come together when legalization occurs so that we will have our industry. The government has fucked over so many lives for three generations and caused us to have to run our own businesses. We are capable and need to insure that cannabis won't fall into big business fuck heads, I am no legal expert but i would like to start this conversation. A growers guild so to speak so that we may have enough people to stand up to the huge dollars competition will have. Let me know what you think and what it would take to accomplish. As we all know this is all happening as we speak. Plans need to be coordinated, as many of our great grower's livelihood will be thrown away by a government controlled market.
  18. I won't miss it. Thank you.
  19. Humboldt county or Medicino County are very pot friendly. In Humboldt it was 99 mature plants prior to the limit lift. The only problem is the market is so flooded up there. I have a buddy that lives in Humboldt and grows medical pot legally. He drives it down to the Bay area because he can charge twice as much for it there. He cleared $400,000 last year all from pot. Yes you have to pay taxes on it or Law will come to get you. Selling to clinics in LA(where I live) they will give you a tax form after the transaction. Unless you are an expert grower I would highly recomened not trying this. Most clinics will not buy anything that is less then fantastic. It would also be wise to wait until Nov to see if CA is gonna legalize altogether(keeping my fingers crossed).

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