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  1. what was the buzziest time youve had? mine was when i still lived in New Zealand. one night we stole a few boxes of V's (energy drink) had about 8 cans each ther was about me and 6 or 7 other friends we then went a got a some buds rolled a joint each and toked bak. we had the best buzz evin us who smoke buds alot agreed it was the best buzz we all just buzzed out it was dark and we all walked down to the beach and were like pushing eachother down the hill and tryna scare eachother then we walked to this park and 2 of us at a time would stant one the seesaw and jump up and down and see who could stay on the longest then after we buzzed out on that for about half an hour we had a massive bark fight all on all. it was the best night ever the next day i cad a cut on my head from the bark wars haha which i dint evin notice that night cause i was so gone but yeah that was a buzzy fucken night.
  2. wow... that was hard to read.

    always remember, spelling and punctuation are your friends.

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