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Discussion in 'General' started by gone fishin, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. so, for some odd reason, my aunt gave me a 200 dollar best buy gift card for my upcoming birthday, so im searching for something that i would like to own, and i really dont know what to get..its horrible timing seeing as i just got a new deck and woofers for my truck a few days ago (i did it for sound quality not for blasting out youngins), i already own a nice 42in dlp, complete with a nice surround sound, and a 360, my house and cell phone are both fine, as is my little mac mini and my monitor...oh yes and my pre-order for guitar hero 3 and halo 3 are down already

    so any suggestions, im really dumbfounded, and have yet to find anything i really want...i figured stoners would know what to get, seeing as we always find the most interesting things floating around it seems:)

    any idea?
  2. I would put it towards a wii. Or, maybe just save it until something breaks and I need to replace it.
  3. ive been thinking about getting a wii, they look really fun, but i hardly use the 360, infact i used it for like 2 games when it first came out, and then movies after that...only game i really ever got into was sonic on the genisis
  4. I was that way too until I played the tiger woods game on wii. Its almost worth buing a wii just to play that game alone. Sonic was badass. Especially the pinball levels.
  5. hell yeah...i still have the genisis hooked up to my tv...i love sonic...
  6. get a dope sound system for your computer wooo hoo

    oh maybe a 23" computer monitor or some shit idk!
  7. Mp3 player? Those are always really handy.

  8. Buy a ton of the best seasons of your favorite shows
  9. Hmm, Try to cash it in or sell it on Ebay!

    That way, You got weed money.

    I'm drunk, I apologize.
  10. Get a wii!

    Or hell give me the gift card :D I've never played guitar hero, just saw someone play it for the first time the other day it looks so cool!!

    Edit: I could have owned you in old school Sonic, but I always played Tails and I rocked hard core
  11. I forgot the website but just google "selling gift cards" or something like that. the site i used buys cards for 85% of whatever they are, so you could get some cash for bud if you wanted. If not preorder Call of duty 4
  12. oh no...i remember i wouldnt do anything but play it if i hadnt beat it yet...i had sonic 1 and 2 knocked out in single day, 3 and knuckles the next...

    damn....awesome games...

  13. [​IMG]

    That game rocked, I loved my genisis, my mom just recently threw it away actually, but I've been playing Mrs. Pacman lately like a champ :D
  14. you can put it towards a 360 or wii or somethin, or games for a system you already gave.
  15. sell it on ebay and buy dope
  16. Sonic on genesis was the BEST, i fuckin loved that game. Did you ever use the expansion pack thing with knuckles?
  17. No, never played knuckles :(
  18. Ewww @ DLP....get an LCD
  19. But dude -

    [whispering] It's the mirrors! [/whispering]
  20. Get a Nintendo DS or a PSP... those things are the shit.

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