Best buy for 30 bucks?

Discussion in 'General' started by Brandon9967, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. I am looking for either a spoon or a bong that is nice for $20-30 bucks. Anyone have any standout good deals? They don't have to be on this site, though it is preferred.
  2. man i love cali, i dont know if they have it over there but SWAMPTES:D they're so fuckin' cheap i bought a spoon like fo' 10 bucks(a 20 dolla spoon) and tha 20 dolla spoons look like they're 30-40 bucks,lol it's like a bunsh of ghetto stores that sell food,clothes,cd's etc.......also here man they got some good stuff>> i like that one and these two>
    check those:)
  3. Alot of headshops will have some pretty nice spoons for 20-40. Make sure that it's thick glass though..
  4. Just get a nice spoon from this site. There's a huge variety. Just pick one out.
  5. all i gotta tell ya is get one from the web cause they alot cheaper, my headshop has some good pipes but they are like 40-50 bucks u can get a good bubbler here for like 30 bucks.

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