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Best bud stories EVER

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kinglax, May 17, 2010.

  1. What're you're favorite stories of being stoned, or time you were the most blasted in your life?

    For me it was around last September my friend wanted to smoke for the first time, and it was me, him, and 3 of our others friends, and all of us but the one who wanted to try it had smoked lots of times before.
    So I called up a dealer I knew and we asked if we could get a 20, and he said he was having a little stoner party at his house and for us to go pick it up, so we all hop in my friend's old ass BMW and drove from our neighborhood to his, which was like 10 minutes away.
    We got there and were shocked, cuz the house was practically a mansion, it was like HUGE and our dealer was like 20 and a ridiculous hippie-esque pothead so we were like o_O "How is his house so epic?" but it turned out it was one of his parents' houses.
    So anyway, 5 of our stoner/dealer friends were there in the back ripping a bong, and I had only smoked from a bong once, albeit it was just 2 hits, which didn't get me very high. So we head out back and my dealer breaks out a good 25 or so, he really hooked it up. So we paid him and we asked to use the bong, so one of the guys that was there starts packing it and then starts administering us hits rapid fire, one by one. We ended up smoking all the weed except for a bit that my friend who still hadn't tried it got rolled into 2 J's to smoke closer to his house so he wouldn't have to drive high.
    We were at the house about 20 minutes but that's when I got suuuuper high, like to this day pretty much the highest I've ever been. I remember we went to his living room, and were saying bye to the people at the party, and there was this little mirror on the wall and I went up to it and remember looking at myself for a good 10 minutes (or atleast it felt like that) and finally saying "Goddam, I'm fucking attractive" and then my friends and I had to leave and they pretty much had to push me out of th house, I was so gone. I remember that as I left I told my friend Steven who was inside "Dude, don't forget to lock the door."
    So the five of us pile back in the car, all blasted but the driver, and I'm sitting next to my one friend and I start talking about how the passage of time has gotten fucked up and how it felt like a few days since we had ripped the bong, but my friends said that we just left our dealer's house 5 minutes ago. We kept talking crazy shit and quickly determined that I was the most blasted of anyone.
    This next part I remember was fucking hilarious to me, I was sitting next to my friend and I licked his shoulder for some reason and he looked at me and we both started cracking the fuck up. Then every few minutes systematically I licked his shoulder and he would say "Stop licking me" through like hysterical laughter.
    Finally we pulled the car up to a church 2 blocks from where we were spending the night, at one of the people we were with's house, and my friend got out to smoke his two J's, and I remember that I was suddenly outside the car and running, and I ran the whole parking lot of the church after a coconut I had thrown, and its a really big parking lot, like about half a block long, and my friend who's house we were staying at started tripping out and getting all paranoid but I was just running around not getting tired like it was all good.
    The next thing I remember we were getting back in the car and I stood outside for a second and did the jerk, and I was amazed at how well I did it blasted.
    So we parked at my friend's house and we all went inside, and I was supposedly being pretty loud and his mom was home and awake so we had to chill, but we all ran up the stairs to his room and me and one of my friends (the one who I had licked) got in my friend's king sized bed on opposite sides and started to fall asleep, and everyone left us alone and then like 2 minutes later the guy who had toked for his first time came in and was like "Dude, we're gonna play Super Smash Bros Brawl!" so me and my friend got up super fast and like flew down to the kitchen. I remember I sat at the counter for a good 15 minutes just looking at this dishtowel hanging from the oven door and I saw patterns and shit start to form and morph in it, all I know is it had something to do with Lilo and Stitch.
    Anyway so we go into the family room and 3 of my friends were playing Brawl but I just sat on the couch and started rapping, and I remember that rhyming words just kinda lit up in my head and the rap sounded amazing (at least to my blasted ass).
    Then we kinda talked about stuff for a while, and I don't really remember much else. The next thing I knew it was morning and I had woken up on the same couch I was rapping on the night before.

    To this day I haven't been that blasted again, regardless of if I have like 4 brownies, smoke out of a bong or even a vape. That was a crazy fucking night.

    What about you guys, what's your favorite/best stoned story??
  2. I got this epic story. A few months ago I got really high and then
  3. sounds like a seasoned toker story if i've ever heard one...
  4. One time me and a friend were pretty high and were driving around in the country and hit a was pretty intense :)
  5. [​IMG]

    And then?
  6. Not to be, "that guy," but theres a real life stories sub-forum on here. i really dont mind or care that you post here, but i figure youll get better responses and be able to read stories better than whats posted in here

    Anyways, heres my story. I worked at a pizza place in the past, and i hada co-worker named dylan. Dylan was a pretty unsuccesful dude, and i had a lot of fun picking on him. Well one night i arranged for dylan to come over and blaze after work.

    Dylan comes over, i happen to have some aero-phonic grown DANK, with some hash on top. The hash was made from the same dank we were smoking, very high quality.

    We smoke two bowls, dylan proceeds to act funny, he is moving like hes drunk, breathing heavy, and all of a sudden starts to panic. He says something along the lines of, "dude what is that, im tripping! dude thats not weed, im not okay." at some point near this time he also attempted to grab my face like he was gonna kiss me, and tried to bite my head

    at this point im freaked out and acting very cautious, i tell him to chill hes just really high ( i can tell he is about to puke or something...) and he gets this pissed off look at me when i tell him to chill because he almost knocked my tv off it's stand. He looks at me with this expression of rage, then grabs his phone and whips it at my head, grabs my ps3 controller whips it at my head, then grabs the only remaining thing within reach of him, my glass jar of bud, and whips it at my head.

    I was in shock from the phone and controller, and narrowly avoided catching both of them to the grill (he somehow threw all 3 items with precise aim), however the jar was quite large and i didnt avoid it.

    BOOM glass shatters on my forhead, i was lucky to have not caught any in my eyes, my head is immediatly cut open about 3 inches above my forhead. i move to first attack dylan, but then i stop when i realize he is not continuing to pelt me with objects, and run to the bathroom to clean my head, which was bleeding profusely on my light blue carpet.

    so as im going to open my door dylan grabs my shirt and i start freaking out telling him to get the fuck off me, i need to clean my head up. im a very non-violent person and at this point resorted to punching his arm as hard as i could in my fit of adrenaline. when he continued to hold my shirt i took a couple swings at his face, and he finally lets go.

    "he starts saying dude what just happened, oh my god, dude what the fuck"

    i am yelling at him to leave while trying to subdue my bleeding cut. He goes outside and belly flops onto the snow.

    After this its just a bunch of crap involving me calling him a ride, him throwing up REDICULOUS amounts, and cleaning lots of blood up

  7. lol, W T F, i woulda charged his ass and beat him down as soon as he even tried 2 throw something at me, that sounds horrible man hope the wound wasnt 2 bad, but damn, touching the stash, thats a serious no no :smoking:

  8. WTF?:confused: that kid fucking dumb?
  9. a bong or EVEN A VAPE. lol. totally seasoned like when I first started smoking mids out of whittled wooden pipe. Sheeeyut.:rolleyes:
  10. #10 morefreedom, May 18, 2010
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    Awh fuck no. Now this is going to be stuck in my head for a week lol :eek:

    Also PinkZebra, what the fuck...?
  11. Wow man that was a crazy-ass story. I hate to be "that guy," but this is a good case of how, even in an extremely minimal sense- cannabis is not for everyone.

    While I consider myself to be a definite supporter of cannabis for all sorts of uses, including human use and consumption, I'll still admit when "the opposition" has a valid point... where am I going with this? It's a pretty much an accepted fact that cannabis can sometimes produce schizophrenic-type responses in individuals with existing mental conditions, whether diagnosed or not. Although I'm by no means a qualified psychiatrist, It's my opinion that this time- you prtobably had the unfortunate coincidence of smoking-up such a person...

    Anyway man that sucks- I hope you don't have bad freaky scars. You never said what type of jar- thick thin glass. Anyway that sucks. I had one side of my face rashed up almost to the bone once- so I can definitely sympathize with freaky/emberassing face injuries. They hurt, and they suck. +Rep for taking that shit like a man the best you could! Catching two undeclared fastball objects in a row is pretty good too- just sucks that the glass was the last thing he threw :(



  12. Maybe that was for all this shit you gave him what if he hold it in and eventually just exploded in a rage of throwing shit,I mean throwing the stash is a bad and the first 2 could have been acceptable but it being thrown at your head was a dick move by Dylan
  13. #13 PinkZebrazGreen, Jun 23, 2010
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    haha yeah, i probably could've acted faster, i knew he was all fucked up but didnt think he would do anything violent.not to mention i was baked to the point it DID slow my reactions lol. And no big deal on the stash, it was only like a bowl or so luckily. i really dont know how bad the cut was, my hair covers it, but ive felt around where it is extensively and havent felt a scar.

    yea not very bright at all, not a bad person when he isnt throwing jars at your head though lol

    Thanks for the well thought out reply, i didnt consider this and ive known this fact for a WHILE. he has had prior instances of freaking out and trying to beat kids asses that fought MMA and shit, i think those were all when he was drunk though. The jar is shaped like a 9 millimeter bullet, where the top is a circular hole which has thin glass and as it goes down the glass thickens and increases in volume. If the bottom of the jar hit me it probably wouldve knocked me out, if the top hit me it would have given me much worse cuts. not to mention the lid, it was thick enough to probably chip or fracture a bone.

    I only had one cut that was about as long as a cigarette filter (im really bad at judging distances) and fairly thin, i dont know how deep it was.

    Also my bad if i said i caught the controller and phone, i merely dodged and luckily smacked one the other one before they hit me, i think the controller nipped me? Im not tryin to be spiderman lol

    its a possibility that could have happened, but the kind of jokes werent insult to his personality or life, i just made fun of him for being a new employee and not knowing what to do. at the time i had been there 2.5 years and usually trained people, so we both just laughed and cracked jokes.

    i was the kind of person in highschool to be friendly to the potential columbine students. lol

    Sorry it took so long to reply, i always post then forget the thread:smoking:
  14. The first real time I got stoned we was on the street and we had some blue cheese. I remember being super high for the first time on my life and the outside temperature was freezing, I remember. Me not feeling my hands because of the temperate an debating in my head at that timr whether it was me being stoned or the cold. Then this guy from my school literally turned up from nowhere and disappeared after an hour or so. And then we ended the night by playing call of duty.... in real life.

  15. [​IMG]
  16. dude why were you licking your friend that's kinda fucked up
  17. ya if i was baked on some indica i could see having slow reactions, that still sucks though man, atleast it wasnt a serious gash, bet ya never smoke that guy up again :smoking:

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