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best bud out there?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mmatych, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. just wondering if anybody could tell me what the best bud out there is. i've smoked bubba kush, nebula, purple kush, and trainwreck recently and a medley of others in the past but i am really looking for the ultimate high. anyone?
  2. its really just a matter of opinion man,
  3. i think mids are the best..but thats just me haha
  4. chemdawg.
  5. go ask your dealer for some shit ive ever smoked
  6. Best Bud I smoked was Fuckin' Laced wit PCP. Tripped me fuckin' balls, felt like I injected Acid inta my brain.

    Blueberry Yum Yum
    Cuz its Dat Fiya!
  7. whatever is in my bowl
  8. lol..hahahha..word.. + rep
  9. SugarShack

    My personal favorite.
  10. the cheese...but yeah then again its all personal preferance
  11. Jack Herer.
  12. No one knows. I have a feeling there are hippies in some commune somewhere with like 60th gen bud that FUCKS you up.
  13. Yeah man i like the idea that they havent even discovered the best yet. We could find shit thatd literally be pure thc for all we know
  14. pure thc? do trichs have roots lol? it'd be nice, but there is only so much thc a plant can have...

    personally i am a fan of bubble gum and white widow (and related breeds)
  15. Yeah man, pure THC would do it for sure. I mean, there's really nowhere left to go after that! As far as weed goes, I'd have to say there's a tie between OG Kush that my medically-entitled buddy brings back from California (it reeks like beauty and gets me so high everything goes 2-d like back in the olden days) and something I tried in Amsterdam, called 'Hash Heaven Haze.' Picked it up at Blues Brothers first thing after arriving in town so of course the stuff knocked me out after a few weeks of weak-to-no hash around europe. However, we spent 5 days there and it was the strain that continually did the job of making me trip out and see shit. Everything was surreal on Hash Heaven Haze.
  16. Lol this question shouldnt be asked in the Seasoned Tokers section, it cant be awnsered its all preferance. For me it was Lavender (or Soma #5 I think) The Cheese is a 2nd...Im hoping I grow the best bud out there though:D
  17. this shit i had a while back was amazing, K2.
    my dealer just texted me that he has some, some im excited for tomorrow:hello::smoking:
  18. Granddaddy Purple is my favorite

    but the best was prolly Purple Haze but its extinct :(
  19. No its not my buddy had some a few months back and it knocked us the fuck out dude. I was so high for so long.
  20. well he lied to you look it up before you spew your lies :p

    there is clones but they just arent the same

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