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best bud ever!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Southparkstoner, May 19, 2010.

  1. ok seasoned tokers, i'm curious, what was the best bud you guys have ever smoked in all your long years of hittin the green, details plz, pics if ya can, strain names, describe in as much detail as ya can the effects that you felt, since i'm OP i have no choice but 2 go 1st i guess lol:

    i havent had the money or connects 2 really experiment with really good stuff, but if i had 2 pick i'd say when i was in college and my roommate came home after me and the other roommates having a weed drought, i just got home from watching a game with the other guys in my complex i saw the window 2 our room cracked open which was weird because 1) nobody was home and 2) it was like -5 degrees outside and there was 3 feet of snow on the ground, so i go upstairs and open the door i head 2 our room and i smell right outside the door an incredibly strong weed smell, i knew what time it was (i was expecting my roommate 2 come home from NY with some "fire" he called it, i had givin him 10 dollers 2 come back with a dime) so i open the door and sure enough there he was just locked on the bed with a stupid stoned smile look on his face, i'm like ya got my dime? he tossed me a fat sack, he hooked it up, it was 1st off very sticky, kinda darker then reggies and had red hairs all over it, definaly looked like some heads atleast, had a delicious smell 2 it, strong, ya'kno what i'm talking about, lol, anyways, i took one hit of this and whille i was packing the next bowl i felt it, and omg, i could not feel my feet, i was lying on the bed and i had 2 take the covers off 2 make sure they were still there, lasted me a good 3-4 days, definatly indica dominant, i was pretty happy too so i feel there was some sativa but the indica was definatly dominant, i'm not sure what strain it was though as far as names go all he called it was "fire" but it definatly got the job done

    anyways, looking forward 2 reading your posts guys, keep on tokin! :smoke:
  2. Hard to say. I had Maui Wowie that was killer. The Kush I smoked over in the Kush was deadly Indica. The Thai stick was awesome, as was real Colombian Gold. Manatushka Thunderfuck warps my brain but most of the stuff around called that, isn't.

    Honestly out of modern strains I'm not really impressed compared to a lot of the old landraces. Skunk #1 is an old favorite out of the more modern strains, as is Northern Lights.

    A lot depends on how it was grown so there's only so much that can be said about strains.
  3. I would say the best shit I have ever had was when I was visiting a friend in CO about 5 years ago, he lived in the foothills and I attribute some of the high to the altitude. The bud was called Catpiss and I didnt get a good look at it, but after we got done, I was literally tripping. Walls appeared to be flexing or "breathing" and stuff was shifting everywhere, I had to have my other friend who rode with me up to the foothills drive me back to the place we were staying. It was a good day.
  4. The shit i had didn't have a name.

    BUT the best named strain I've had was no doubt this Green Crack Kush I had once, un-fucking-believable. Felt like i stood in front of a damn bus lol :hippie:
  5. Philly: Blue Dream

    Cali: Green Crack, shit should only be legal in the Netherlands...:smoke:
  6. Had some really fucking sick master kush once. Tried it a few times after that and it was never as killer. Depends on the how its grown
    Oh yeah and some medical stuff from vancouver, Sweet Skunk, top shelf.. it wasnt even on their site it was just an in-store thing.

    Shiit, probably coming in 3rd place was nebula.
  7. i think the best shit ive had was my usuall dro dealer had this shit called blue cheese. he grew himself but it was literally the stinkiest shit ive smelled. and when he put a flashlight on it, it just sparkled it was so pretty. it had a blue-ish tint to it and the most crystally hairiest shit ive ever seen.

    till this day i can easily say this was the best shit ive had. we smoked like 4 bowls and i could barely function i love those highs :smoke:
  8. Texada timewarp. Most amazing weed I've ever smoked, straight up. After threeINTENSE bong hits I passed out and had the most intense lucid daydream of my life, I was just falling for miles and miles and then when i finally hit the bottom I woke up and I was in my house. When I hit the bong i was at my friend's house which is all the way across town.

    After that I'd have to say some skunk that I lung'd with a couple friends. We made the lung out of a garbage bag and a 4L milk jug. I had an out of body experience, I was actually floating up above myself looking down at myself.
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    haha u r a south park stoner that means u got cancer in yo balls!

    edit- i smoked alot of weed that has gotten me quitee baked but umm when i smoked this stuff called brain wreck (supposodly trainwreck n diesel hybrid) i just idk i was tweekin on the bus ride home n spacing out and kept trying to remember when to get off the bus but i just kept day dreaming and thinkin bout other shit lol. another was this afghan shit that just had me feeling so insanely high in my bed before sleepin it was hard to focus just to try to sleep lol. i swear my leg twitched lmao
  10. been toking 6 years. best herb i've ever smoked was some $20/g shit i was getting in Middlebury. Dude called to something fruity, but whatever. Between 3 people we couldn't finsh a normal size bowl. after like 3 hits each we were just sitting to blazed to say anything. i had a gram of that shit last 5 days 3 consecutave weeks and havn't found anthing that compares.

    as far as looks, a 1 gram nug each time, more white than green with pink hairs.
  11. some homegrown Bubblegum Kush that my buddy grew last year. It was the tastiest and the most potent marijuana I have ever layed my lungs on. He suggested it so im growin it now.
  12. I smoked a fat J of sweet tooth. I stepped inside my friends house, looked out his window, and instantly thought I was seeing ghosts...trippy.
  13. wow, some great stories guys, definatly wanna try several of those that you guys talked about, i've been waiting on my dealer been sober for 2 weeks straight, the stories help me get by :smoke:
  14. besides my regular supply of cheese it'd be MANGO HAZE it has the same Haze father and the mother is a sister of the SSH. Accordingly, the genetic makeup of this strain is 25% NL5, 25% Skunk and 50% Haze.

    So id just landed in amsterdam n got chatting to a few welsh guys waiting for train that kept getting cancelled. We get a taxi to opposit central station. I didnt have a clue where my hotel was but i had to get into a coffee shop asap. I pass the notoriously shitty grasshoppen n these welsh guys lead me to sheeba on wermostat i buy a coffe n 1g of MANGO HAZE.

    We take a seat in back i roll a joint bout half a g goes in. I light it up n instantly theres a nice spice taste followed up by mango really distinct so i finish it up n carry on chatting.

    5 min later im struggling to make sentance lol or have so many things goin thru head im subject switchin mid sentance LOL so i roll the rest of it up n smoke that up n as i feel hi as hell and shocked at how this has effected me my minds goin crazy imy hands starting to go clammy n getting slight forhead sweat. So i decide to go find my hotel the greenhouse effect.

    I wondered around amsterdam square up n down the canals by rld as i knew it was in that vacinity i pass sheeba again n head ino hunters buy g of sour d n LA Conf and ask budtender where it is he tells me turn right n bout 10 doors down LOL on same street as sheeba LOL

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    Too hard to pick a "best" but two of my current favorites are Super Silver Haze and Kandy Kush (supposedly OG Kush x Trainwreck but who the hell knows?) which isn't really like a traditional kush at all. Both are super potent but I especially like the quality of the high with those two. I've grown both and am growing Kandy Kush again right now along with some Barneys LSD which I've never tried before.
  16. catpiss as in south park ?? XD
  17. I don't remember what the strain was, but I used to know a guy who ran his own dispensary and grew his own buds. I came into the club one time and their was a small jar on the top shelf and this dude I didnt know was working the front desk, I asked what was in the jar, he said it wasn't for sale. I told him to fuck off and go get my homie because it wouldn't be there if it wasn't, he wasn't too happy, but he went and got him anyways. My homie came out and said he was only doing dubs of it because its his homegrown, he didnt want to sell much, and he guaranteed it was the best weed I've ever smoked.

    We got into a little argument (not really an argument, just like playful bullshitting, bagging and shit) about how it was cute to tell people that they could only pick up dubs of the "best weed ever", I played that game waaaaaaaay back. But he said it wasn't a game and this shit was worth it. So I got one, rolled it up, and smoked it with the homeboy.

    I don't remember what the strain was, I don't think it had a name. My friend swears it was jack herer. either way, shit was the firest of the fire. definitely worth 20 a g. Dude knew how to grow.
  18. Lemondrop

    I couldn't move from the couch
  19. the 2 best srains i have smoked all come from vancouver and i got clones of each

    GREEN CRACK AND OG KUSH i now grow both because they are the bes and i like to self medicate lol
  20. most def the best strain i have had also

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