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Discussion in 'General' started by Joao Tomasi, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Hello friends,

    I'm fairly new to the cannabis world and to become a master grower I know I will have to know the characteristics of all cultivars in detail. Does anybody have a good book recomendation to start? I've seen there is the Big Book of Buds, The Official High Times Field Guide to Marijuana Strains, The Marijuana Strain Grower's Bible: with over 500 strains, these seems to be the more adequate. Which of these would be the best? Anyother recommendation? Thank you so much!
  2. I personally think knowing the strains would benefit a budtender more than a grower.....but knowledge in general is ALWAYS good.

    I, again...this is me personally....but I would focus more on the actual growing of the plant...the different mediums you can use....the different lights, nutrients.....etc.

    As far as books go....I do own a few Marijiana books....but for the most part....i personally, get my information from proven/legit can find ANYTHING on the internet.

    Good luck on your journey:thumbsup::passing-joint:
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  3. Join Leafly but you maybe hassled to comment on any and all strains

    as the market is so fluid it may well be some time before any credable attempt

    at commenting on any strains is done

    good luck
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  4. Use the website leafly if you want to find out info on strains.. it's basically like a review/info site for strains, it tells u how long it'll take to grow what the weed smells like ect ect

    Find Marijuana Strains, Dispensaries, & News | Leafly
  5. Damn u beat me to it lol
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  6. Thanks guys!
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