Best bong vape?

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  1. Im looking for a vape that'll produce thickest cloud for hitting through the bong, any suggestions?
  2. Yes, either the LSV, the Cloud or the VripTech would be your three best options for not only super, thick, unrestricted vapor hits, but those hits will be the tastiest due to the all glass vapor path of these three vapes.
  3. Thanks! Whats the LSV?
  4. Life Saber Vaporizer. If you've ever heard of the da Buddha or Silver Surfer Vaporizer, it's extremely similar to them because the heating element is the same.
  5. Just curious, Volcano owner here. Can you rig up an attachment to make a bong or zong volcano vape accessible? I cannot help OP just thread jacking!
  6. Yeah, I just hold up the solid valve to my downstem and go for it. I thought about using rubber tubing to create a better seal, but it's not necessary
  7. Cool i'll have to try this for sure

  8. There's also this piece if you really wanna get serious about it:

    Vapor Dome on Sale
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    See, to me, hooking up a bag vape to a bong takes most of all of the advantages of vapor bonging away. First off, ANYTIME you add additional surface area for vapor to condense, the less powerful the hit will be. With vapor bonging, you already have to deal with the glass surface area of the bong along with the water. When you hook up a bag vape, you are adding in all of the surface area that is comprised of the inside surface area of the bag. Wayyyyy too much surface are to deal with. Same thing when using whips. Bags and whips also detract from the taste and actually may add a taste of their own

    And that is why the three vapes that I mentioned above are ideal. There are no bags or whips to deal with. It's virtually JUST the bong and water as the herb is heated to vape temp within the bowl that is sitting on the bong.

    So my advice is that if you like sucking on bags, which a lot of people do, just do that and forget the bong. The ONLY thing that a bong would add would be additional moisture, but the negatives, in my opinion, far outweigh the positives.
  10. I was gonna post the three vapes Iwien already posted xD. LSV, Cloud, and Vriptech are king.

    And oh lord do I love my LSV
  11. yeah , by the time you connect the bag to a bong, it seems like it's really just done, because you want to see some bubbles, but there's hardly much point to try cool it more , when it's practically already cold and pure in the bag.

    The cloud looks beast though.Such rich clouds and the cool glasspieces that comes with it!
  12. Ya, while I disagree that the added surface area of a bag will have a noticeable effect, it does seem a little pointless to vapor bong with a bag, as the bag will cool the vapor down naturally with time. But hardly any vapor will condense onto a bag within the first 10 mins; that's why you can use bags hundreds of times will little residue buildup (especially if you're careful to fully empty the bag each time, which in my experiences, most people aren't).

    It seems like the LSV and the Cloud really kill it when it comes to adding glass. But then again, I'm not at all into vapor bonging so I should probably just shut up! Hahaha.
  13. I have to buy glass and a good vape for it. I'll just use my EQ per normal.

    The LSV is damn cool, have you seen the new colors? Sigh. The Cloud really looks great, but the price is a turn off.

    I lean towards buying an LSV, then pick the right glass piece for me to go with it. I like the look and usage of the inline diffuser types. The longer the inline, the better.

  14. Check out the black and purple color combo in this vid. REALLY nice.

    [ame=]LSV- How to use your Life Saber Vaporizer - YouTube[/ame]
  15. I really like the LSV but it look's like it could get in your way when using it through a bong, im split between that and a SSV with a waterpipe adapter on the whip since the whip doesnt get in the way to much, what do you guys think?
  16. The only drag about using the LSV is the thick, heavy power cord that can be a bit unwieldy but I'll take that over inhaling my vapor through a whip any day.
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    [ame=]Verdamper - YouTube[/ame]

    Used them in AnyDays in amsterdam have to say I liked it.
    Also, when they put there hand over the top to cover - I was given a large shot glass for that purpose :p
  18. Herborizer! Works Great
  19. Let's put it this way. I had an SSV that I vaporbonged with using the whip. While great, the whip was a hassle. I ended up making a double 18mm bowl to connect my SSV directly to attach similar to how the LSV is. While this was obviously bulkier in the sense I had to pick up and hold my SSV to the bong, it was WAY better. I used it that way every day since, with less hassle and better seshes.

    I now have the LSV, which is pretty much that, but smaller, more options, more handheld, and a rotating airtight connection.

    For vaporbonging the LSV hasn't gotten in the way at all, its a dream.
  20. I can def see myself getting the LSV in a couple of months.

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