Best bong for buck

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  1. I have like $150 at most to spend on a bong size doesnt realy matter (alhough I'd like something around an 18 incher)anybody have any suggestions on quality brands without carbs all the ones on gc (ehle and g-spot) have carbs
  2. most all on GC have carbs....go to a headshop and get a local blown
  3. Best bongs for the buck would be EHLE's and HVY's. Both made with German glass.
  4. i got a pretty sweet 18" double perc for $225 at my local headshop. I bet you could get a straight tube the same size w/o percs for $150.
  5. There are bongs on GC without carbs. Look at the Black Leaf Bongs. Most are out of stock currently, but i'm sure they will receive a new shipment in soon.
  6. don't buy it online... go around local headshops, the guys that work there are usually pretty good at what they do, and know what smokes well etc dependent on the exact piece in front of you. at least look around first, and if price is too high locally, you have a better idea for what you want, save up another $50 ($5 a day for 10 days cant be too hard) and buy yourself a ROOR or something etc.
  7. get something from red eye. their really durable, and made really well
  8. Another HVY fan here, they have some really beautiful pieces for nice prices. US Tubes also gives you a lot of bong for your buck, though they may be somewhat more expensive.
  9. hvy all day.

    i'd grab either a 9mm hvy or a dome-perc hvy off alt.

    hmm... durability or function?
  10. black leaf bongs are crappy Chinese bongs that cost to much

  11. that may be true, but my gf and i love the ice bubble dragon we have.

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