Best Bloom Food For Coco Soil

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by skoby1973, May 24, 2013.

  1. Hi I amusing coco soil in a 4 pot easy2grow self watering system I am growing Amnesia Haze started with 5 but 1 died and 1 stack snapped when I was re-potting so got 3 really nice plants, about 2 week old they are only about 7/8 inch as started them under one of those led lights had them under for a week and and I never grow 1 new leaf they stayed with the 1st 2 leafs, so put under 600 watt HID and started feeding them Canna Coco Part 2 A+B,i also put some liquid oxygen in with the feed, I also spray every second day with plain water mixed with oxygen, they are coming on great growing over a inch a day easy, but what I need to know with using the canna for flowering what`s best for blooming??, I have also be told to buy Canna PK 13/14  and use now and when in bloom is that right, do I need to give them anything else please help 1st grow so don`t want it going bad now and loosing the 3 nice plants I have left. 
    hope to hear from someone


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