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Best BHO Vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by sennius, May 22, 2012.

  1. Been looking this stuff up for a while now but I just want to know whats right for me.

    I'd strongly prefer if it was a pen vaporizer. It has to be refillable and good for BHO. And last it should be pretty potent:smoking:

    Quick question: Compared hit-for-hit and quantity used to dabbing, which is more potent and efficient?
  2. how potent is a hit?
  3. i have a pretty big tolerance.... got me high for at least a good hour. its potent dude. its pure BHO so its pretty much the equiv of taking a dab and filling that bong. but at the press of a button
  4. is it more efficient?
  5. yeah, thicker waxes seem to be really efficent for me, just using a single cart with .5g in it will last me at LEAST a week of constant use. when you have a cig pack full of cartridges all partially loaded up, thatl last you a LOOOONG time, never have a dry day.
  6. Just wanted to chime in... I have the Persei.
    Been using it every day for over two months.

    It's much more efficient than dabbing. You can get faster headchange from a dab, but a stronger and longer stonage from a few hits spaced out of the same quantity of oil. Not sure if milking the bong is the most efficient method, but shit.. it's fun :)

    If you have a concentrate slide or a deep cup nail and a hot hit wand, you can get the same efficiency... Just gotta heat the wand a lot... or use a hakko and dip into the oil very lightly.
  7. ok 2 last questions :smoking:

    im not gonna use it everyday is that ok? like ill take a couple puffs maybe today and then maybe a couple in 3 days. is that fine?

    do you get a little high from this or like a very strong bho high? in other words, is it like a weed high or a bho high?

    thanks guys
  8. I just ordered the Persei yesterday and I am looking forward to Thur when it gets here.

    From what I have read and seen storing it with meds would be OK. I would guess that you get the same hi from this as you would from a Nail or something but with less waste and very easy. I could be wrong as like i said I have ordered but not received.

    I would also have to guess that you will get higher then you would Vaping flower. Remember this is a concentrate so so it is all the goodness.

    I do hope it works out as well as expected.
  9. if youre putting a thicker wax or oil you can store it in a cartridge for a very long time, i have over 12 carts filled and i dont use all of them everyday, they fire up just fine everytime i use them, wax and oils have a long shelf life.
  10. but with a pen you can get like high as fuck pretty easily? with bho specifically
  11. within a few puffs yeah... its bho....88% Thc only a few puffs is needed

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