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  1. Hello,

    I'm wanting to try vaping finally. I've been a daily smoker for about three years. Always heard good things about vaping so figured I'd try it out. I love the way the Pax looks but it's quite expensive for me to just want to test the waters with. I was thinking the MFLB. Prefer mobility but willing to hear of other vaporizers.

    My question is: What is the best affordable vaporizer (mobile preferability) to try out first? I've never vaped before either so not sure how I'll like the medicated feeling versus combustion.

  2. The mflb is the worst of the best vapes, it works but if your used to smoking it won't be very satisfying. I got one and stopped using it after bout a month. Couple months later I decided to try vaping again and got a Da Buddha and it is awesome, tastes really good and gets me really baked. I recently got a pax because I wanted a new portable and it is also pretty awesome, great for traveling. The DBV is portable but it's definitely worth looking at if portability isn't necessary. I've heard a lot of good things about the arizer solo and I almost got one but having glass stems made me feel like it would be too breakable for carrying around with me, why I got the pax.
  3. I love the Pax just from reviews and pictures but its so expensive for me to barely try vaping. I was debating the Arizer Solo as well.
  4. Portable: Arizer Solo
    Desktop: Arizer Extreme Q
  5. Ya know, I kinda agree with this. The Solo is arguably, the best portable on the market right now. The new Cera may change that.

    The Extreme would be a great choice for a beginner too because it offers up both bags and whips so you can play around with it and see which type of delivery system you prefer.
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    Start out with a good one or you'll think vaporizing sucks coming off 3 years of daily smoking.

    Chances are that the MFLB just won't "do the job" well enough. It's something you have to constantly play with while your trying to get high.

    As far as the MFLB being mobile, it is if you don't mind having 4 things jingling around in your pocket, plus a grinder full of herb. And you never know where the battery level is. Many times I'd find myself out of juice and when that happens you just have a pocket full of seemingly random junk clanging around.
  7. I was in the exact same boat as you and went for the Pax and am extremely happy with my purchase. So much that now I'm about to buy a Volcano.

    But vaping is a really different experience from smoking, so it might be good to try someone else's vape first if at all possible. But I would take the Pax over any other portable vape.

    Check out The Vape Critic if you wanna closely examine all kinds of vapes. He has great reviews and advice. He rates the Pax as the highest portable vape, but he's quick to say that it really comes down to personal preference, which I completely agree with. I feel like certain vapes appeal more to smokers, and certain vapes appeal more to folks who mostly vaporize. I'm the latter!
  8. Yeah, I saw that. He also rates the MFLB up there as well. MFLB is 85/100 and Pax is 87/100. I'm torn. I don't want to go all deep pocket on something when I'm barely wanting to test the waters.

  9. Keep in mind that this is only one persons opinion. You may want to check out the FC site for other opinions as well, for they too have MANY members who own multiple vapes and have done comparison reviews as well.
  10. That is very true. I'm just torn, money wise. The MFLB is the cheapest, without a doubt but I want something that'll taste good and produce good enough vapor. The solo seems awesome but I hate that you can't use it while charging.
  11. Da Buddha
  12. Prefer portable.
  13. Ive had the mflb. Its cool because its portable, it became more of a hassle to use the longer i had it. Just my opinion though.
  14. If I was to get it, I'd get the power adapter and the car charger as well.
  15. Update:

    Went to my LHS and bought a MFLB, just tested it out. I love it. Super medicated off such a small amount.

  16. That's great. You nailed it right away. Enjoy.............
  17. Quick question! How do I know if I'm over heating the bud?
  18. Look at the color of your greens my man

    Are they a nice goldish brown color

    Or a darkish brown/black color

    If its the latter then you are over heating your MJ!

  19. Not necessarily. I vape my bud to a VERY dark coffee brown, just a few shades below black. Many people like to vape in the lower temp ranges. Some like to vape in the higher temp ranges.

    What you DO have to avoid is combustion, and if you see any white or gray ash in your trench, you are overheating your herb. Also, black is getting a bit too close to combustion and you're getting too many of those toxins that you're trying to avoid in the first place. Also, if you herb is starting to taste like burnt popcorn, it's done.
  20. Year it really depends if you want optimum flavor while vaping and you're not wasting it ,since you can just stick it in some crackers with peanutbutter.

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