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Discussion in 'General' started by Swan, Sep 21, 2002.

  1. Along with Mich. light, and Bud/Bud light, Heini, Grolsch, Sam Adams and lots of great micro-brews from my area, comes my new favorite for the moment. Man is it goood! Like the ad running now. Thats no lie!! Anyone else tried it?

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  2. My fav has got to be Hoegaarden from's made and then the taste of dried out orange peels is added to it.....tastes amazing.....Peace out.....Sid
  3. Hrmm if you say its up there with Bud Light (recently my new fav beer used to be IceHouse) Im sure me and my buds could give it a try.

    Trippie J
  4. Hell yeah I drink MGD and Corona
  5. bud light?!?!?!?!?!? what?!!!!! Nah mate you wanna drink samuel smith's d pills. The best pilsner I have EVER tasted and it has v high alcohol qualities too- I think it's in the guinness world records book (according to a pub friend). Either that or most of the guest bitters at my local MMMMMMMMMMMM.... the best guest bitter I ever tasted was a kind of cherrry flavoured bitter... it was NICE! None of this bottled shite. The general rule when it comes to beers is that if it's not draught it's piss- with one exception... CARLSBERG.
  6. Up here in Scotland the Fav lager is Tennents....they do a super lager at 9% or something like that...tastes like piss water right enough...but hey if you wanna get hammered fast and cheap it's the way to go....Peace out...Sid
  7. I'm not too keen on bitters.... there's some really nice ales in the UK, like Hobgoblin Ale....and I really love Miller's Draught.... yum

    A wise (spirit drinking) man once said, "Beer is for men who like the taste of women's anuses".....

  8. I was in London a few weeks back and had the chance to try a pint of tasted quite good......but if all else fails there's allways good old...Stella Artois...Peace out....Sid
  9. Forgot to mention Heineken and Beck's...also some good beer
  10. ...the best beer in the world is Tuborg, from Denmark.

    Runner uppers in no particular order:

    - Carslberg
    - Pilsner Urquell
    - Becks
    - Heineken

    And if ever in Norway try Hansa or Frydenlund.

    mmmmBeeeer. My only vice. Well, third actually if counting MJ and Nicotine :)
  11. In my humble opinion, any beer (as long as it's not that 99 cents a quart shit) is always good as long as I have my beer funnel. LOL. God, just looking at that damn funnel brings back memories of me and a gut-wrenching night of bonding with my porcelian god!!!!!
  12. mo fugars malt liqura

    grab u a mo fugars
    and suck it today

    mofugars brewing company
    stinking creek missisippi
  13. 1. Bass Ale
    2. Guinness Extra Stout
    3. Rolling Rock
  14. without a doubt it would have to be "La Fin Du Monde" (translated = "The End Of The World") i think it's german i stole it from an International beer fest in seattle i was working security for but unfortunitly i dont know where to get it at but it was a pint bottle that was 9% and had no bad taste at all... none at all.
  15. im sorry dude but i cant disagree with you more. thats the beers that people drink cause its cheap and get drunk, it has no quality and when i drink that i dont feel right about it. i try to stick with quality and still be classy.Corona, extra pale, yuengling lager, new castle rock, negro modello dark beers are the best tasting and the most classy sorry
    (im talking to the guy that started this thread)
    peace and love man

  16. There is no way "La Fin Du Monde" could be German. That is french. No germanic language ever started with a "La".
  17. ... you would *never* ever see a german company using french for any pruduct they make, not in a million years. And with something as holy to germans as beer, they would consider it herecy to only think of naming it in french.

    That would be like, like... hmm... ah, American car companies naming their cars in Japanese :)

    Not to mention Norwegians using swedish. I gotta lay down now, I can't handle the thought. The horror grips me like a moist hand 'round my heart. Damn swedes!!!!!!! ;)
  18. fin de la monde german?!?!?! hahahahahahahahahahaha....

    Fin- from the french verb Finir, meaning to end or to finish,

    de meaning literally, of

    la monde, mond meaing world- as it is a feminine word it starts "la" instead of "le"

    quick lesson on why it isn't german....
  19. sorry that post seemed really arrogant and that's not what i should be in the city... No offence ment matey...
  20. MY BAD i was talkin' to the other guy workin there like "this must've been brewed in hell" (as another one translated into "damned""and he was like "nah just germany or SOMETHING"

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