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Best bags to use

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by poncho, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. Ey

    ya'll like ziplock bags more or sandwich baggies more?

    sandwich baggies are the ones that you roll up n they have like the lil flap

    i like sandwich baggies way more
    i personally dont like ziplocs cos sometimes kief n shit will stick to the sides but i still use em

    but if its like a half o or more i keep it in a sandwich baggie n put that inside a ziplock

    if i dont just use my airtight nug jar

    anyway..anyone else have this preference for sandwich bags
  2. both are fine

    depends on what my dealer has at that point
  3. These are my favorite

  4. By far the best bags to use.. they are $2.50 Canadian at my local hemp shop.

    You can usually get alota sizes. :smoking:
  5. hey how good do those work..always wanted to try em
  6. Hefty hefty hefty
  7. When they're in ziplock bags, especially the small dime bag ones, it seems more professionally packaged, and I like that. But you know, it's more about the contents of the bag ;)
  8. they work wonders man trust me, especially when your dealing with quarter pounds of O.G. Kush and Green Crack and other strains of dank smelling bud.

    Just google Smelly Proof bags, you'll find alota links.
  9. I get mine in medicine bottles
    but sometimes ill get an ounce in like a plastic package sorta thing.
  10. well i've seen the smell proof bags i just figured they werent 100% foolproof...n im thinkin like drug dog smell proof.
  11. smelly proof bags are awesome. i had some gods gift at one time and that stuff was very potent. it would stink up my room, but since i live with the folk i bought some smelly proof bags and VIOLA! no more smell. buy them, there cheap also
  12. if i get an O or something larger than a half which it will take me a couple days to finish off, i'll sandwich bag it then put it in my jar.. but if its like an 8th or a dubski then ill just put it in my drawer cuz i know itll be gone pretty soon
  13. I use ziplocks. If i pick up in a sandwich bag I instantly put it in a ziplock.

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