best ashcatcher?

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  1. hey guys just wondering what the consensus best ascatcher available. i need a 90* for the migrant. im lookin towards the toro circulator but any other suggestions are totally welcome
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    Gotta get this! most badass Ash Catcher EVER!!!!!!
  3. i pulled through that at HG, does filter a ton, but also adds a bit of drag
  4. I like how they have a splash guard as if you're going to have a lot coming through a diffused downstem followed by an inline perc, AND a ?? tree perc.

    They really killed it on this one
  5. The Toro Disc diffused A/C is pretty high end.

    Damn that SYN looks pretty hectic though...
  6. yee i want one SO bad... too bad they alt only has them in 14mm which is surprising. I would think somehting as heavy as this would only be available in 18mm joint sise
  7. i've never even heard of a toro disc diffused a/c care to post a pic
  8. Fucken Beautiful
  9. 90 degree? i went with hedman headies

  10. maybe hes referring to the showerhead on the circulator, cause its shaped like a disk :confused:
  11. how tall is that thing? it looks alright but i'm curious about the amount of drag it adds. might be cool on a single chamber toob, i guess.

  12. This is a bong not an ashcatcher.
  13. Migrant bong eh? I've had mine for awhile and its the best bong ever. What you need is a pillbottle from SSFG. Here i'll show you some pics.




    SSFG all the way!
  14. beautifal slide n bowl bro, awsome colors!!!
    Nice Milk!

  15. Are you still waiting for this??
  16. damn that ssfg stacks more than I thought it would...definitely in the running now haha
  17. SSFG, ya can't beat it for the price! + it is 100% cleanable within 3 min.
    [ame=""]YouTube- Ultimate Diffusion[/ame]

  18. oh my lord. do you have a milk of that? it looks droolworthy

  19. I love this slide. Who is the artist?

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