Best affordable refill able lighters ?

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  1. obv for weed flower ... Not dabs or anything

    I’ve tried google not found any good results so wondering what’s your favorite types of lighters ? Re fillable
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  2. my favorite cheap-but-quality refillable lighters are the classics from Clipper.
    I have a few Clippers that have lasted years and years with only butane and flint replacements.
    as an added bonus, the flint mechanism can be pulled out of the lighter easily and used as a packing tool if necessary.

    as far as not-so-cheap refillable lighters go, the options are almost endless.
    gotta decide on things like torch or normal flame, metal or plastic, butane window necessary, etc.
    Vector makes good torches and have most price ranges covered. I'd suggest shopping around their site some if you aren't sure what features you want.
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  3. Clipper for refillable. Bics aren't refillable but last a long time anyway so I tend to stick with them
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  4. Get a clipper, don't order them off amazon or online. Go to a headshop and get a real one, ordered my first set on amazon and they were fake and weren't refillable. Got a few real ones now.
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  5. Clipper lighters are my go to since I started smoking 10+ years ago, they're the most reliable lighters imo.
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    One of my clippers had a defect in the spring or something didn’t click anymore and out of fuel ⛽️ has a bad fuel port leaky .
    Other is lost in my house somewhere.... so got 0 left
    Do ones on amazon work well cheap ? Or is there somewhere cheaper ??
  7. Buy directly from the store, all the amazon ones seem to be fake. IF it doesn't have a gold intake on the bottom for the butane, it's most likely fake(also if the lighter flame size isn't changeable that's a red flag too) Top: Fake, Bottom: Real fakeclipper.jpg realclipper.jpg
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    Yeah I only have two of there re filable lowest end one the also thrown away model , not a. real clipper , what they cost each ?
    It’s the Kmart thing lmao
    It had a good flame actually just it stoped sparking , lost flint or whatever it uses
    What’s it a $2 lighter ?

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  9. 2.50 Canadian here. Pretty cheap.
  10. i'm personally not a "lighter lover"..............I use what ever is the cheapest when I buy or use it.......
  11. What you prefer matches? There more expensive and a pain light bowl .. of a bong.
    My zippo needs repaired or new flint plus I probably cannot afford much zippo fluid s ...
    Found it laying around somewhere in the house I think lmao or something. Or in my car
  12. What you prefer matches? There more expensive and a pain light bowl .. of a bong.
    My zippo needs repaired or new flint plus I probably cannot afford much zippo fluid s ...
    Found it laying around somewhere in the house I think lmao or something. Or in my car , maybe got it as a gift as a used lighter not new ? No fuel or spark ⚡️ working
  13. Salutations Ultramaxx,

    Angle type for pipes, with blue "jet" (torch) flame. Fuel level preferably visible directly through clear window.

    I second that.

    Search for Vector KGM Volt. I also i tried the Apollo with dual non-converging flames then the Arsenal with 2 converging flames but i can't say those have been as spotless, especially the Apollo as it failed twice for a same reason: its flexible tube slips away and causes fire balls...

    By comparison the Volt proved reliable and since it's for use wth a VaporGenie that's a major consideration as the lighter makes half the consumption method. A non-satisfactory unit would ruin it all. Well, maybe i'd like a larger tank, or someday i'll give triple converging flames a try.

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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  14. These the fake ones ? lol like gas station lighters
  15. BDD7B513-8ACF-4D29-8ED4-2A865C700B04.jpeg This my only working lighter since lost my last k mart clipper fake , the good one I just had a few days ago .
    It’s a little too strong for a bowl and herb works for resin better .
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    It said food safe on label torch
    Is my torch a harbor freight model safe with weed ? I use butane fuel ⛽️ can for it.
    Until I get something weaker .. I can burst short flames , and use up all my matches and a few near empty throw away lighters before hand ...
    I might not have enough money for some of them yet .
    Flame is easy to aim to bowl and wind proof Zzz ..
  17. butune is ok but try to get hempwick
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  18. Dude a 7 pack of bic lighters if not lost will last for like 2 or 3 years. And I smoke alot
  19. OR STOLEN.........:love-m3j:
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  20. Hi again Ultramaxx,

    Clean-burning butane is changed into steam + carbonic gas, the same as found in soft drinks essentially, except when vaporizing it's also important to pick properly filtered butane cans if there's going to be exhaust gases in the lungs path! Perhaps low-grade filtration will be acceptable for crème-brûlée torching in the kitchen but i'd rather not keep butane around when cooking in the 1st place, yet if i did it would be the same i use now. Which is adequate and available locally.

    Nonetheless, even if the butane can is food-safe i noticed all of my lighters emit bad smell when purged for maintenance, hence confirming the idea that lighters themselves can contribute with contaminants. As i recall there's supposed to be lubricants and that sounds coherent with unstable combustion causing some droplet spitting, this vaguely reminds me the Ronson kit was terrible.

    Well i "burst" too but i don't wase energy, which allows me to use a regular pipe lighter as suggested previously. Judging from your picture i figure the application is just too power-hungry, hence perhaps it's the later you must try to adjust if tired to buying new lighters...

    That was my reasoning initially, and sure i did spend my fair share of cash over the years, but today i'd reply in retrospective i couldn't afford to make the economy of a suitable butane lighter, not to mention i used a consumption method to match.

    Personally i once had fun experimenting with kitchen-size power-lighters but that was many years ago and i tuned my pipe sufficiently well to avoid exceeding its operation range, otherwise excessively long pre-heating would shorten a unit's useful life by inviting repeated overheat damage. My vaporizer can take bursting but its energy budget was rationalized a long while ago, in days when i used to comment about the "punch-in-the-head" effect (e.g. clearly excessive anyway).

    Or think induction, many hundred Watts of it...

    Good day, have fun!! :D

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