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Berry Picking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. HIGH All, just some of the beautiful things we see along the way.

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  2. Lets all be thankfull butterflies don't eat meat.

  3. I guess I'll second that.

    HIGH All, been out berry picking and of coarse checking on the Outdoor grow. My LHM and I leave Rocdog with Woodbug and O.F.F.F. we go to give the Plants some Food.
    As we're walking threw the slash (after it's been logged and then planted again) which is shoulder HIGH. We hear bears one beside us and one straight ahead of us and going MAAAWWW. We make some noises to try and scare it O.F.F.F. didn't work threw some rocks toward his/her area and it was staying and not giving up it's ground. So I look at my LHM and tell him it could be a Mother Bear with her Cub nearby. Well it does it MAAAWWW again and it's like 10 feet away just over this little hump and I tell him aaahhhh do you want to do it tomorrow and bring Drina with us. He didn't even have to say anything, I could tell by the look in his face and turned around and headed back the way we came.
    Hooked up with Rocdog a little while latter and ask if she heard or seen any Bears. Heard them but never seen them she said and then told her our story how I turned not scared (cautious) and turned back away from the Bears and my LHM says he too was not scared (had Butterflies). It's hard to describe this not scared feeling I felt, just a funny (not ha ha) feeling going threw your body. Scary is the time we came across a full-grown Cougar whose eyes I stared into which felt like minutes but was only seconds. You could say just a weird tingling feeling I've only felt a few times Thank Christ.

    Well we go back the next day with everybody and look at Rocdog and tell her we'll be taking Drina with us. I know what your saying tough outdoor guys leave with the dog and leave the Wife and Kid ALONE. The Bears are in the slash eating the berries and not on the road where they can be seen. Anyway O.F.F.F. we go again and this time we get to where we want to go, can up to the spot the day before and saw where they we're eating the berries.
    We start feeding the plants and Drina's nose goes up into the air and she's looking like something is out there and goes to check it out. Comes back a few minutes later and then hear MAAAWW. Drina doesn't bark when we're in the bush and I could tell by her movements she's nervous, but still O.F.F.F. she goes. Heard the bear moving away from us and finished what we started to do.
    Meet up with Rocdog and Woodbug who said they heard some bears but far away. Let me say this wasn't our first encounter with the bears. We do alot of fishing when the Salmon head up the rivers to spawn and let me tell you there are nice Big Black Shiny Mothers out there when they run you can see their fur shake, it's pretty cool

    They say the berries are redder in the other side of the fence.

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  4. The berries on the other side are wild strawberries that are so sweet there to die for.

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  5. HIGH All, one more tease.

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  6. HIGH All, come on critters you running scared ya right. Don't you have some of the most posionous snakes (nakes as WoodBug used to call them) and spiders in the world? Now that my friend is scary!!!!

    I couldn't imagine walking threw the bush or forest (where ever you plant) and dodging something that's so little that bite and could kill ya.

    Could I tease you All with what those Berries made.

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  7. HIGH All, oooohhhh so sorry people but one more. This time with whipping cream on top.

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  8. unoit you are SOOO mean. first you post the butterfly so beautiful it looks like a graphic image, then the berries (i am a fresh berry freak), then the PIE... then the pie with WHIPPED CREAM...

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO US!??! ahhhhhH!!!!

    thanks for sharing your pie with us, it looked damn good! everytime you post pics like this it reminds me why living in an industrial area is so... well... sucky.
    hope you enjoy the rest of your week/weekend!

  9. HIGH All, aaaaahhhhhh ganjaphish I'm sooo sorry for teasing you All like this.

    What a better way to get your friends to come visit. *LOL*

    I'm sure glad I didn't put this on top.


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  10. Hmmmm....boy that looked like pie heaven! My mom when she was still with us would make jams and jelly out of any kind of berry you'd bring home. Salmon berries, hucklberries, salal, gooseberries, and my favorite himalayan blackberry. I liked those they were big and juicy. Could pick a bucket of them in just minutes, and they grow everywhere out here. The biggest and juiciest ones always seem to grow along river and creek banks when I'm flyfishing for cutts and salmon in the fall I'll stop and munch out. But pick the high growing berries cause dogs and little kids pee on the low ones!
  11. Wow Uniot! You really live in an incredible place.

    I'm with critter on the bear issue. Any sort of MAAAAW and mate, I'd be outta there!! No hesitation what so ever. Spiders and snakes are and easy thing to kill or get away from. BUT a bear. Shit, I shudder at the thought.

    Yummo lookin' pie!! Given me the munchies now...
  12. those cherries look like absolute divinity. i'm comin' over! :D
  13. Damn there goes the diet!!!!

    Blackberry cobler is a favorite of mine. Strawberry and cherry are next in line!!!!!

    Unoit i'll send my dr. your way when i haven't lost the weight I have to loose in two months!!!!!

    I've got to get out the blackberry's guys. May be a while before i get back!!!!!

  14. HIGH All, mmmmmmmmm flyfishing for Cutts and salmon aaaahhhhhh you gotta love it eh hedburner! Seeing as work is on hold till NEXT Monday it looks like fishing for some of those Searun Cutts is in the very near future. (I'll post our fishing trip we did Friday in another thread)
    Those himalayan blackberrys make excellent Barbed Wire, I think that's the same as the one growing in the middle of my fence and it grows to the top and then I train it to go along the top of it. I'll take a pic of the thorns.

    Ok here it is, this is the beginning and it goes left and right along the fence.

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  15. HIGH All, and here is the "Barbed Wire". Gotta keep out those undesirables *LOL*.

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