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Discussion in 'General' started by lord doja, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Ok i got a couple questions.

    1.) Klonopins. Whats the difference between the 2mg generics and the 2mg ROCHE's? how many of the generics do you need to get fucked up?

    2.) Im going to be picking up Klonopin, Xanax, or Valium in bulk in a couple of days and would like to know what you guys think is better deal and what i should get..


    XANAX alprazolam 1MG

    1 mg 200 tabs 100$ generic blue soccer balls (few kinds)


    XANAX alprazolam 1 MG

    1 mg 200 tabs 120$ branded PFIZER purple footballs


    XANAX SR alprazolam 2MG

    2 mg 100 tabs 125$ branded PFIZER octagons
    2 mg 200 tabs 220$


    VALIUM apaurine 10 MG

    10 mg 200 tabs 100$


    VALIUM diazepam 10 MG

    10 mg 100 tabs 35$
    10 mg 200 tabs 70$



    2 mg 200 tabs 90$



    2 mg 100 tabs 60$ branded ROCHE
    2 mg 200 tabs 120$


    I tried to write that out so ya'll can easily read it..

    Please let me know opinions

  2. The only thing I can help you with is Xanax; 200$ for 220 is too much on the 2mg's, just go with the XANAX alprazolam 1MG 200 tabs for 100$. Bars(2mg xanax) are 100 for 100$, and it gets less as you get more, at least around here.
  3. this screams online pharamacy

  4. Uh no.

    This screams someone or somewhere i get my pills from on a regular basis.

    even if i was getting it from a pharmacy wtf was the point in saying it.

    welcome to the city bud..

    and thanks Invictus for the help
  5. I am not sure on what the best deal is but in my personal opinion Valium is the best benzo out there. Love me some Valium and a few bong rips
  6. You've never done Clons or Lorries then have you? :D give em a trrrryyy dude. Best night that you won't remember, guaranteed.

  7. yea im thinking either valium or klonopin cuz they are both cheapest.

    does it matter if its generic or not? like is generic way worse or no
  8. get the klonopin and xanax, their both stronger then valium

  9. does it make much of a different if i get the name brand or the generics?

    sorry im not all that good with pills either im learnin

  10. That is the problem. Whenever I have done klons and xanax I literally blacked out, or course I was drinking too. Valium actually does not do that to me at all. I can have a fuckin great time, chill out, drink and smoke and not black out. Which I prefer. IMO
  11. How much do clon and xan go for each?
  12. On the streets non hookup price for xanax is usually 2 for 5(2mg bars), at least in texas.

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