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  1. Just a poll on how many people have done it and their experiences.
  2. Oh here for those of you who don't know what it is.
  3. The high is nice.... but the come down is brutal. Coffee ground vomit, anyone?
  4. I have nasonex but thats it.
  5. Not the same chemical... =\
  6. never heard of it, can explain in more detail what the buzz is like?
  7. I don't think that sounds fun if you have to eat cotton. :p
  8. Okay... well i've only done it once and for good reason.
    You buy it, take the cotton out and try in whatever way you can to swallow it without tasting it because you will be burping menthol flavor for a long time.
    Its very speedy... like your typical amphetamine... but yeah don't try it unless you find throwing up on command to be something worth desired.
  9. The wiki mentions a cold water extraction... who wants to outline the process =P
  10. If it didn't involve eating cotton, I'd probably try it. I like stimulants.

  11. Man, if it wasn't for everything being illegal and not knowing who you are, we so would've partied by now, we have the same tastes, heh.

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