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  1. If you had to choose between these two water pipes which one would you choose? They are both 13 inches. The stemmed one has a 5 arm diffused downstem, capsule perc and splash guard. the other has an  8 arm tree perc, splash guard and ice notches. thanks


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  2. stemless for sure
  3. why stemless? cause they're easier to clean or what?
  4. My bong looks almost exactly like the bottom one. Not very hard to clean. Just shake well or let sit wit alcohol in it .
  5. pictures are side by side for me, are you referring to the stemless?
  6. if i had to i would go with stemless one...easier to clean, so not as many parts/percs to break, simplicity, 90 degree ashcatchers, aesthetically more pleasing.
  7. Stemless for sure
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    I have owned 2 bent pieces and they were both good quality but for the price of $300-$400 I would look at something else. Or that's at least how I felt, especially now owning my toro Frothilator that only cost $100 more than my bent Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  9. If i were to get a bent piece,i'd go for the b27 invader
  10. the one of the left is more durable and sturdy - the one on the right will diffuse more but all those tree arms are going to make a fragile piece - that thin base isnt going to help either
    i would go w/ the one on the left
  11. i thought the one one the left would diffuse more since its broken down at the 5 arm downstem then broke down again at the 5 slit capsule perc, as opposed to just one 8 arm tree. or is that not true?
  12. thanks for all the opinions guys
  13. nope tree's diffuse more each arm has 4 openings 3 slits and 1 bottom hole. so it will be a smoother draw
    but i dont like how the stemless portion isn't bridged 

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