Bennificials and PH up and down

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  1. Does PH up or down kill tarantula, piranha and voodoo? Or any other kind of bennis?
  2. No all it does is bring your water into desired range. The orange ph down has a mild acid in it, the blue to bring it up has a base in it. Depending on the brand it can be something as simple as citric acid and for the other Potassium or Sodium Bicarb (baking soda).

    What will kill your plant is improperly PH balanced water. My water is over 8 ph. They did not like that at all.
  3. My ph up and down is made from potassium hydroxide, if i have a small cut on my fingers it stings the hell out of the cut. Just wondering if that sting would kill my bennnis.

  4. No because you add it very sparingly to your water/nutes before you water your plants. You should use some sort of dropper and do 1-2 tiny drops at a time.

  5. Hehe... I guess you dont know how big my res is... I use about 30 to 150ml depending on what I use. My res is 50 gallons. Day 1 of flower I use 7 TBSP of Tarantula and Piranha and 400ml of Voodoo, at that point I use very little PH up and down. But during heavy feedings sometimes I need to add as much as 150ml of PH up just to get to 6.5(growing in soil).
  6. mk what are all of the nutes that you use, and how long have you been using them
  7. One of the nutes that require a lot of PH up is alaska morbloom, in my 50gal res I add 200ml of alaska morbloom and it drops my ph down to 1.9(only that one nute in RO water). Then I would have to use 150+ml to get it back to 6.5.
  8. im a lucas formula fan. once dialed in.... i rarely have to use ph down anymore. the micro does all the balancing i need.

  9. I water using 8ph water throughout many grows. Never a problem.
    Could be my genetics though they are stong fuckers
  10. May I ask, can u explain this? So youre saying if u used the lucas formula and get it right it automatically balances the PH, or somewhere within range? Does that also apply to hydro, specifically coco coir? If so then I got a whole lot of research to do, but im using nutes that are gonna be hard to get dialed in per say.

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