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Benifits of Marijuana while suffering from Kidney stones.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by bashbashing, Mar 3, 2009.

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    I'm from Quebec Canada... And I guess I should get this started.
    I suffer from multiple stones, one in my bladder, and 1 in each kidney, both partially obstructing. Walking any kind of short distance, or doing any kind of exercise is excruciatingly painful. I have been home bound for the past week because of it, awaiting lithotripsy therapy tomorrow.
    When I smoke some dope, i cant tell if it nullifies the pain, or if I'm in too much of an uplifted mood to even care. I have spoken to several people who suffer from stones, and they too say it helps.
    I am not a doctor, nor was I prescribed marijuana. But i recommend if anyone out there who is reading this, and suffers from this illness, just smoke a nice ice bong bowl. Savor the taste and the feel of the cool smoke grasping your lungs.
  2. I have suffered through 3 kidney stones now, packing a bowl really has helped me. The pain subsides for me when im high because i don't think about it and cause my body feels great. Dehydration is a problem to worry about with kidney stones and weed tends to give you that nasty cottonmouth which is bad since kidney stones are built up from not enough water. I smoked my friends tube packed to the brim with like 5 people and i took about 4-5 hits and my back was feeling so much better. I am not on medical pot but i do think it should be used to treat kidney stones. I use to be a every day gym kinda guy and now it has lowered my abilities to lift certain weights and work out since it hurts, try smoking a bowl and going to work out, it passes time and it relives pain, nothing better then playing some racket ball stoned out of your mind :). Medicine is not a very good choice to treat kidney stones, addictions are usually started by people who take pain killers such as percocets and hydro morphine. I was sent to the emergency room from school because i had urinated blood which means the kidney stone is cutting the inside of your kidneys and makes it bleed. At the emergency room, i was pumped with a shot of morphine and it helped the pain but gave bad side effects after it was gone and my neck also felt as if it hurt more then my back when they gave me the shot.

    Keep it real and i hope that shit passes by soon.
    I plan to try to get a cannabis medical license for my kidney stones because my doctor said i could have kidney cancer in the future which can be treated by medical cannabis when im in pain.
  3. Hey there!

    So yeah, I'm 30 and I have passed over 100 kidney stones - mine are much smaller than normal, but definately still there. Most of these stones were between the ages of 18-21 - I was passing between 3 and 5 stones a month and IVP scans would show that I would have between 5-7 in each kidney at any time and they kinda float around causing a dull to sharp pain all the time. I was pretty much on hydrocodone and percocet all the time and was seriously starting to fear getting hooked. When I moved and told my new doc this, she recommended - off the record of course - that I try medical marijuana to manage my pain when it was low and keep the pills for when they are passing.

    Not only did it help with the pain (and help me prove to myself that I wasn't a pill junky!), it also drastically reduced the amount of stones that I have had. Within a year of managing my almost daily pain with marijuana, my stones started slowing down. Now I typically pass 2 or 3 a year, and the last IVP I had showed 4 stones between the two kidneys. I know that people could argue that other factors could have been at play, but it is hard to deny that there is a connection.

    Anyway, saw this thread and thought I'd share ;)
  4. The hubby has kidney stones. Last year they were bad enough to require hospitalization. The most recent scan they did (last week) showed exactly one stone. We may be on to something here, guys! :hello: Anyone else get improvement?

    Granny :wave:
  5. I am so happy I found this thread. Once medical marijuana is legalized in my state I am going to try my best to try to get some for my kidney stones. My doctor prescribed me percocet of course, but I'd much rather go the natural route!!
  6. ive had 2 stones in my life and im only in my 20s.....let me tell u this the pain can become so bad that smoking is the last thing on ur mind lol...but i ado agree with u just wen the pain isnt so much one is able 2 smoke.....kidney stone pains aint nothing to fuck with
  7. I suffer from kidney stones also and the pain is horrible along with the sever nausia it can bring and smoking marijuana can help with the pain but as others said marijuana causes dehydration and dehydration can cause kidney stones.
  8. Weed is a fucking lifesaver when it comes to kidney stones. I have fairly weak kidneys, and just found out that I had a kidney stone today. I had a gigantic one back in 2009 that required hospitalization and surgery. So, when I felt the pain start up at work I knew what it was and went to the doctor's immediately, who confirmed what it was. They then proceeded to prescribe medicine that has the common side affects of "liver problems, and bleeding".... Then they made me leave without giving anything for the current pain. I showed it to my parents, who were giving me the ride, and they just shook their heads, took me to their place and lit me up. Best parents ever. My pain is numbed, my nausea is under control, and I even have a bit of my appetite back. Needless to say I'll be up all night with my smoke while trying to get rid of this thing.
  9. I smoke on a daily Basis been doing this for the past year or so. I just got out of the Hospital from a kidney stone that’s over 5mm in size they put a ureteral Stent for now my question Can I still smoke with a stent in me?
  10. I had kidney stones a couple of years back, had a stent put in and smoked a lot! And I’m still here so I’d think you’ll be fine!

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  11. Kidney stones suck. Never felt pain like that before. I pass stones on occasion and weed doesn't even begin to touch the pain for me. Went to the hospital twice. My first stone was a biggun. The Dr called it the mount Rushmore of kidney stones. I had drs and nurses coming into my room to look at it in the specimen cup. I felt like a circus side show. Knock knock knock. Hi. Do you mind if I look at your stone? Omg, how'd you pass that through?
    Second time, they gave me one of those urinal bottles to piss in because the restroom was too far and my heart rate was pretty low. Bastards, gave me one with a hole in it. Piss splashing all over my feet, the floor etc. That whole day was a comedy of errors. From the moment I walked through the e.r. door till the time I left was one thing after another. Would make a great sitcom episode.
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