Benefits of vaporizing?

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    Hey everyone. I was just wondering what the benefits of vaporizing dry weed is versus smoking it from joints and bowls? 
    Because I am considering to buy one... I just want to know what the major benefits are of having it before I spend a boat load a' money or should I even bother buying a vape?.   thanks :smoke:

  2. i want a vape when i get taxes i will get one but i was wondering the same
  3. Ever clean roaches or pipes? How clean were your hands? Now imagine your lungs after 30 years of butane and blunts. :metal:
  4. The main benefit would be the health. Not filling your lungs with tar and carcinogens on a daily basis. You will also find you use less weed to get stoned. I use a quarter of the amount of weed I used to since switching to vaping. Although that is in a mflb, which from what I've heard is the best vape for conserving bud.
    Also the high is more of a 'head high' so I find I am more motivated while stoned. You don't get the couch lock effect. When combusting, everything would be too much of a chore once I was baked. This also helps with getting up in the morning, I find it much easier these days.
    I can always use my AVB to make edibles though to give me the couch lock effect, so even though I am only using a quarter of the weed I used to, I can still get high off it again.
    I'm saving lots of money as well by not buying tobacco (not sure if you are in the UK, but it's the norm over here to roll spliffs with tobacco)
    In short I haven't found any negatives yet and I have been exclusively vaping since Jan 1st this year.
    I can't believe I have just typed this big long reply then scrolled up to check your location only to find out you have been banned. Meh, hopefully some curious soul will one day come across this post and find it useful so I'm still gonna hit the post button.
    Peace out
  5. Health
    Bud conservation (vape will pay for itself within a month)
    Smell dissipates quicker

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