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    Ive got 12 2 month old plants that have been in flowinging for 3 weeks today. im useing my walkin closet, which i know sucks, but its better than nothing. anyways, i bent all 12 plants in the 2nd week of flowering and there showing okay flowering, but i just dont think its going to end up being very dense......ive got them in 3 gallon pots also am useing 27 100 watt cfls. i know that the cfls are probably the problem with the loose buds, i got from the grow op before this one useing the same setup. any ideas or comments. please help me .
  2. I'm using 2-125W cfl's for 9 plants. Been taking 4 outdoors during the day and all the plants are looking better in just a few days, so how many plants you have under cfl's, or hid dose make a difference. What Iv'e heard is 100 watt cfl's per plant and when in flowering the 2700K is best. Keep the cfl's about 2-4" above the canopy and their are stimulants to help with tight dense flowers. Some strains produce fluffy buds and others produce tight buds.
    Overall I think hid is better than cfl for growth and flowering, but we work with what we have.
    You still have 5-6 weeks left in flowering and anything can happen!!

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