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Benadryl and weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by j223, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Hey guys so i have some slight allergies, and i took one benadryl about an hour ago. Right now i feel pretty much normal, maybe a bit tired. Im wondering if it would be ok to smoke weed right now? would this cause and sort of bad high or weird reaction? And would i be alright to take another pill as needed, and smoke again later tonight? Thanks
  2. lol no youll be fine go ahead.

    look @ the back of your box to check how long you need to wait in between doses, its impossible for us to answer that bc there is several diff kinds of benadryl.
  3. its ok to smoke it if you wanna DIE!
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  4. you are good the high might be a little different kinda like when you have a cold and are on dxm
  5. You'll be fine but if you die I'm not liable
  6. That's what i had for breakfast.
  7. if your talking about the little oval pink benadryl allergy ones. i took 2 once then smoked and it was just an intense sleepy/lazy high. like the normal high +the drowzy tiredness you feel when you take benadryl. that was sometime ago and i'm still here now so you'll be fine
  8. Did it yesterday your gonna fall asleep
  9. You'll be fine, you can actually trip off of benadryl and smoking bud pretty much cancels out the trip
  10. i think its okay if you just took one you might be more tired though...i know with dxm cough syrup its okay i think benadryls okay too but dont take alot ot that shit its horrible
  11. Of course it is. I have the worst allergies, benedryl is one of the best antihistamines. I take benedryl all the time with weed.
  12. OP has allergies, he obviously doesn't use DXM.
  13. It's safe to mix cannabis with pretty much any substance, from what I've researched and personally experienced.
  14. You will fall asleep. But thats it.
  15. I sometimes take benadryl to sleep and my tolerance is pretty high. I normally take 3-4 of the 25 mg pills and that knocks me out for the night. I find low doses of beandryl and ganja can be synergistic, especially the genetically enhanced strains. Benadryl is OTC and if you aren't used to it, I would start with a low dose like 15 mg. Eventually you will become tolerant, and I am not too drowsy up to doses of 2 25mg pills or 50mg. You may feel too chilled out to really socialize. Wouldn't necessarily wish to do this before a party.
  16. You can take anything with weed except pepto bismol, i had a bad reaction once and was not fun at all. But 1 Benadryl 25mg gel cap helps cut down the free radicals on weed and allergic reactions you may get with some strains, pollen etc, which is always good to take once a while, but yes you will get sleepy but a short nap clears it out. I wouldn't take more than i described. Also a claritin once in a blue moon is pretty nice too especially if feeling lethargic and/or congested. I have other suggestions that make ingesting weed more confy.

  17. OP is 5 years old..

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