Ben Laden weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by WetMango, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. How do you get Ben laden weed? I cant find anything about it.
  2. thats jus a slang term for afgani
  3. well its BIN laden weed, and yea it is just slang

    the actual song Bin laden weed - Threee six mafia just talks about mixing three different kinds of weed together
  4. Who got that hydro Who got that light green Who got that Bobby brown Who got that laden weed
  5. i thought laden always meant like "killa" weed like just some dank shit. who knows, all that hip hop jimma jamma. I can never keep it straight.
  6. lol yeah its slang.

    For the most part people use Bin Laden weed in place for 2 things.

    -When 3 different weeds are rolled into a blunt/joint/bong bowl
    -When 3 strains have been crossed with each other threw breeding.

    Never heard it as a slang for Afghani bud... and i dont get it why they say "bobby brown" cuz i have heard people use it before, and its NEVER good if someone asks if you need some bobby brown. lol

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