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Discussion in 'General' started by cheebaa, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Man , I love a good pint of ben and jerry's and then smoking a bowl--- this is because after i smoke I don't feel distgustingly full and want to vomit.

    Whats your favorite ben & jerrys?
  2. i like half baked, ironically, because it combines my love of brownies and my love of cookie dough. Cherry Garcia is amazing as well
  3. New York Super Fudge Chunck without a damn doubt!
  4. never had the stuff.
  5. OH GOD! I love the core ice creams- the chocolate fudge too die for.

  6. HOW????????????? I'm sending you 4 bucks. Youi are to go to the store and buy a pint, get stoned, and enjoy it. if not, i'm going to your house and shoving it down your throat.

    luckly, I live 20 min away from the factory and they have about 100 flavors there.

    note to self: go to ben and jerry factory after getting baked. go on tour. get 50 free samples
  7. 2Twizted! It's amazing, chocolate and vanillia icecream, chocolate covered almonds, chunks of white chocolate, reeses peanutbutter cups, heathbar, pieces of chocolate fudge. Good god.. i ate all mine earlier :(

  8. uh, that monkey one....can't remember what its called

    if i have the choice though i will pick Graeters over B&J anyday....only my cinci people will really know what that is about
  9. Well, if you want to talk about ice cream the way God intended, come on down to Texas and have yourself some Bluebell Ice Cream. Bluebell makes the best ice cream on Earth, bar none. But yeah, chunky munky's the shit too.
  10. I dont know if they still make it but phish food is so good. I have tried mostly all of the flavors but I always find myself going back to that one.
  11. Yup, the still make Phish food. That is one of the best ones...:D :smoking:
  12. OH SHIT!!! Tokin is right, Graeters ice cream is the best ice cream in the world haha, only problem is, Ben n jerrys is good and is 3-5 bucks a pint depending on sales, its normally 2 for 5 bucks around here, and Graeters ice cream around here is 13-20 bucks a pint and close to 30 a gallon haha how ridiculous, and it gets sold more than about any other ice cream around here cause its....THE BEST! haha
  13. I agree!!! I can't get it in VA and oh how I miss it. I was down in Florida last year and squealed when I saw it in the stores. Bluebell is the very best ice cream! Homemade Vanilla is THE SHIT!

    I like Ben & Jerry as well. I stick to chocolate chip cookie dough when I actually have it in the house.
  14. Probley thee very best choice. I <3 DBW! I'm going to go buy a shit load of Ben & Jerrys and bring it to the Stoner Bash, haha.

  15. Nobody said Peanut Butter Peacon? :(
  16. I love Fudge Brownie :)
  17. I love the new Oatmeal Cookie one. It is amazing.
  18. i love buying weed from the manager of that store in our town!!! its awesome you go in and just point up two fingers and he will slip u two grams in a chill ben and jerrys container then u give him 20 bucks and bounce. HAH i love that store. All my friends work there so we even hotbox the bathroom in the back then scoop ourselves some delicious ice cream and chill.

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