Beliving in God but consciously not believing?

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  1. Does anyone else sort of proclaim they are athiests or not believe in God (christian god im refering to) but then again find themselves forgetting this and being like why god when somethings gone wrong or even like telling him off for making life annoying when you actually dont believe in god meaning that subconsiously you actually do when you have forgotten that you dont believe?
  2. When I was an athiest I still said things like "goddammit" and "why God, WHY" but they were just expressions, like "oh my God"...

    I'm a christian now though, but I'm kindof experiencing something similar. I feel like I know there is a god but at the same time I don't believe a word of the bible, and I find myself wondering if religion really was just a tool to get people to behave after all...
  3. It would be funny if the forbidden fruit was actually bud and the sin was to experience life (happiness) without experience.
  4. No, blamming God for your problems is just as illogical as believing in him. Besides things always work out the way you want them to if you just relax and don't worry. Either that or I dont even notice when bad things happen because I'm not worrying about it. It works out well for me either way.
  5. saying Oh my god doesn't mean you belive in god. Its just an expression. Its something people say.
  6. Religion is a tool in general, a tool for making life tolerable, for bring comfort in pain and to start family traditions and to continue them... its used for alot of things... Ive recently been doing alot of research on religions. I myself was raised Wiccan from my early teens to around 19 or so. I still practice some aspects of Wicca but I guess I'm just trying to figure things out. Ive had horrible experiences where my youth pastor when I was 14 told me I was going to hell because I was wearing a Eminem shirt. I've been researching Odinist, Atheist, Satanist and the different sects within them. When people ask me I always say Agnostic as not to start problems.. most Christians and catholics shit a brick as Wiccan/Paganism. I think nobody is right or wrong in this situation you just need to do some research and figure out what works best for you and how it makes you feel.
  7. i decided to explore greater beings from all over and have created my own religion..a little of this and a bit of that..i want a god who loves me and wont toss me into some fire and a sinner for sure but thats why jesus died i can sin because i have to sin as it was the way we are designed..but i know my god or higher power ( pick any name)...will be waiting for me with love and light..
    its like we invented religion any way so why cant each of us find what attracks us and makes us feel good and just use that part..i decided i can but im pretty high and you
  8. I don't believe in God and all of my expletives are like, "God dammit" "Holy shit" "Jesus Christ"...yeah, I don't get it either.
  9. I know exactly watchu mean but i believe somewhat. but my lil bro was gettin arrested last week and I found myself saying please God please. he still got arrested when they were going to let him go. Last night he overdosed on spice off one bowl after finding out some scary and when i went to say please God I couldnt bc i felt like its wrong asking and i was pissed anyways. Well he was ok and doesnt have cancer.(that was the news, doc. told him he could have had hpv the cancerous kind but he is 100% clean.)

  10. Yeah some of you missed the point though. I mean like it's instinctive to me to believe in god but i consciously don't when I am composed as I have found out.
  11. It's just something people say, and the majority of people that do are not referring to the Judeo-Christian god when they say it.
  12. I don't mean just saying god dammit lol, i mean reverting back and forgetting about logical shit and having a pray then realising what you just did.

  13. People know what you mean brah. But think about, if you're a strong atheist you're not going to want to confront these kinds of things...much easier to just post stupid comments. Why they don't instead just ignore the thread I don't have the foggiest....maybe something to do with attempts to dilute the topic.

    Topic of this thread: OP intellectually is atheist, but feels an almost innate belief in god sometimes, especially when things go wrong.

    I agree with you. Yes, I do believe that it is natural to believe in God as well, I have for some time. That's not to say it's natural to believe in the bible though, in fact I would argue that that's rather unnatural. But having an instinctual feeling that a god is responsible for this miraculous creation...yeah. :cool:
  14. Ohhhhh I get it, now. Like when you don't believe in God and you slip up and say God dammit, BUT YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD! I get it.
  15. I was watching a documentary last night and this guy brought up a great point about prayer and it kind of relates to what you are saying. When we're babies and we cry out, usually our mothers come and comfort us and we get conditioned that way. Later on in life, when we find ourselves in trouble we cry out automatically because it's what we were conditioned to do under extreme stress. This guy was a christian which is why I found this interesting. It sounds like something an evolutionary psychologist would say
  16. I remember when I was little (8/9yo) I raised my two middle fingers to the sky and said "Fuck you", even though I've never really believed in god.

    I still say "Jesus" sometimes as an expletive, but that's just cause it's so gratifying to say. "Jeeesuss!"

  17. No. You don't get it.

    OP, this is what I think, and I am going to make a few assumptions in the process lol sue me.

    Okay, in your social circles maybe it's cool to be an atheist. Maybe a lot of your friends are atheists, people you blaze with, even your family etc. So you probably never really deeply contemplated the question of god, you probably never meditated on it significantly. So as a consequence of these things you label yourself atheist. Listen bro just don't let anybody influence your opinions. Most of the people you know that claim to be atheist are likely just sheep that are following other people they know that claim to be atheist, etc

    Anyways, my point is that nobody has ever been great by following other people. Pick your torch up and lead yourself! ;)
  18. haha, you dick.

    I think for me it used to be like what the OP described. In my teens I was sort of wearing atheism as a pretentious badge of intellectual superiority, but always had this notion that really there was a god.

    Now its much different for me. I'm an atheist, but at the same time I'm a very spiritual person. It is my belief that spirituality is derived from the love of life, yourself, intellect and from your own particular passions. For example my spirituality comes from music, art in general, nature, and expanding my consciousness (drugs). Eventually I'd like to learn how to meditate properly and expand my spirituality even further.

    In my opinion, I think many people who need to be told what to believe in/feel via organized religion are underusing their emotional and spiritual capacity and thus will have a much more difficult time "finding themselves"

    That's not to say that organized religion doesn't work for some people, because I'm sure it does.
  19. Stupid people associate belief in God with automatically subscribing to organized religion.
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