belated 'hello' thread...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by hummercash, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. well, ive already posted in a few other forums on this board, so i guess this is my belated 'hiya' thread.

    smoked for the first time about 3 months ago and haven't looked back.

    im from CT, about an hour or so outside of NYC. i spend a lot of time on the computer just fucking around. ive done some flash work, nothing major... would be my most topical project for this board (i just did the navigation and the jukebox, the rest was done by someone else) ;p

    big fan of O&A (opie&anthony, a radio show that will be back on the air sooner than you think). why are they off the air right now? think anal sex... in st. patrick's cathedral. still no clue, then google it.

    i noticed a lot of people on this board are from PA... i spend a lot of time in Philly and will prolly be moving there in the next 6 months or so, so look out ;p

    i think thats all i have to say for now.

  2. Welcome to the city friend I think you will find quite a few east coasters here all with the love of the herb.

    enjoy your stary :)

  3. l hope ya,all enjoy your time here :D
  4. Welcome to the greenest little City on the 'Net. Spark one up and get to readin'. :D :wave: :smoking:
  5. (LOL @ ICK for stary!)

    Welcome to the City...this is a belated Welcome but since your high was belated, I don't feel so bad. ;)

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