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Being skimped

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RiceyEs, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. If your dealer, who's also kind of a friend skimps you .3 out of a gram is it worth it to bring it up and ask for the rest? And how would you
  2. just be like, yo dude, that was .7

    If he argues, don't buy off him and he's a cheap fuck
  3. If your dealer, which is kinda your friend skimped you .3, hes not really your friend...........
  4. "yo man you left out .3 of a gram... its cool but next time weigh it better"
  5. Did he SAY he was giving you a gram? If he specifically said a gram and he gave you a .7 I'd say something.
  6. You shouldnt be getting skimped. My guys all weigh it out as a buy it.
  7. i dont usually make a big deal when i get shorted. not worth the confrontation. just means its time to find a new dealer. good to keep as a backup tho
  8. Next time weigh your shit
  9. [quote name='"smr312"']"yo man you left out .3 of a gram... its cool but next time weigh it better"[/quote]

    Well I mean he already had per packaged sacs. But then again I probably should've watched him weigh it. I'm just too much of a push over to cause extra work
  10. Just bring it up. If he gets pissed fuck him. if it's pre-packaged then that means he intended to rip someone off and it obviously didn't bother him to rip you off.
  11. Yea what friend would skimp you .3 of a gram. Just say that bag you last gave me was short
  12. Anyone that doesnt give you .1-.2 OVER are cheap dicks, especially when there is huge stems in it.. man i hate those ppl.
  13. They figure why not try it, no big deal at all to tell him.
  14. Did you buy a $20 bag, or did you buy a gram. Because if you bought a dub (or a dime), you open yourself up to let them give you less than a gram, since a dub or a dime is just however much they see their weed is fit to sell you a tiny amount.

    Pro tip, don't buy grams. Buy 8ths and up. If you only need a gram, buy a 8th and have weed to last you awhile. Even an overpriced 8th beats the shit outta paying $20 for 0.7-0.9g. And 8ths tend to be spot on in weight, if you get a 3.3g 8th it's much easier to bring it up to a dealer than complaining about not getting a good deal for a gram of weed.
  15. #15 Toastin', Mar 16, 2012
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2012
    How much did you pay for and what did you pay for (dime, dub, gram?)
  16. .3 im going to say let this go.

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