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    I'm 18 years old and wanted to find a part-time job so I could save up for college and other things. As someone who has never had a job, I chose to work at Domino's. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to learn how a simple franchise runs and earn some money instead of just chilling at home all summer. My co-workers are chill, my boss isn't too hard on me and it's an overall good environment. There's just one thing that always puts me down: I keep getting sent home early because it's "not busy".

    I'm always on time, I do everything I am supposed to, but I keep getting sent out. I will admit that since I'm new, I have made a few mistakes but I always ask for help when I need it. For the first 4 days I only worked two hours per day and thought it was pretty normal since I was just training. However, today my boss calls me into his office with a half-smile on his face and says, "I'm gonna have to send you home right now because we're just not busy. I'll call you in next week". He told me this after I worked for only one hour. I'm starting to feel like I'm just a nuisance. Next time I come in, I'm thinking of telling my boss, "If there's anything I'm doing wrong, anything I need to fix/improve, just tell me and I will work on it". If I can't handle a simple job at a pizza place, then what's wrong with me? I always try my hardest.
    TL;DR; I'm new at work and I am the only one being sent home early. Is this just the way it is for newcomers?

    Have you had an experience like this? What do you think I'm doing wrong? Is it just the way it is? Truly not busy? Any advice? [please be nice to me :)]

  2. Find somewhere busier to work. Its like that when you have a job sometimes especially with any entry level job, at least in my experience. If you're cute and outgoing i would suggest waitressing. Made more money than i did in fast food.
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  3. Don't over think it, there's usually only one person at the dominoes I go to working at any given weekday. They would definitely fire you if you were a nuisance or atleast talk to you about what you're doing wrong. If nothing has been brought up don't bring it up.

    Try to find another job, keep this one as a backup.
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  4. In my opinion it's like that in those jobs the turnover rate is so high they probably have to overstaff... you could try to stick it out and keep trying and trying and I'm sure you'd eventually get good hours once you prove to them you aren't just some tempt looking for a couple paychecks.

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  5. I am a supervisor of over 50 people and I can tell you from the bosses view that it is not you. Just from your description I would think it is likely that your boss us being honest. It's just not busy and as you're the newbie and PT he has no choice but to cut your hours. Done of the other folks there depend on that job to live and pay bills.

    If you hang in there eventually you will be the old hand and you'll work more consistently. I would give anything to have an employee like you who wants to work and is always on time.

    Hang in there.

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  6. Do they at least give you the choice to stay?

    That seems kind of weird, that they would hire you in first place if they didn't actually need your help.

    I've been sent home early plenty of times, but not exactly.. "sent" usually the managers I've ever worked with will say something like "You can leave early, if you want." Or "It's up to you if you want to leave early, or stay."
  7. That is completely normal, I used to work for Papa Johns as a insider, and I would get sent home early all the time if it wasn't busy. I personally quit eventually, worked there about 8 months. Overall it isn't that bad, it was nice because I was getting 50% off all items so i'd get pizza and stuff cheap ( I worked there 2 years ago). I don't eat fast food anymore though.

    There is nothing really you can do, even if you are the best worker. If you aren't busy and you have no orders coming in, logically it wouldn't make sense to keep you and pay you to stand around or to clean. Sadly it's just how being a insider at a pizza place is. If your aim is to make more money, I would start looking for another job to either replace or work that job as well, or you could try delivering pizza. I never felt like doing that because I didn't want to do much damage to my car but from what I heard with tips, it is usually 10-15+/hr at least where I'm from. My State was minimum wage 7.30 for insider and my time is far more valuable than that nowadays.
  8. It has nothing to do with you, your manager is using you because they can't properly manage personnel. Anything less than a four hour shift isn't worth getting up and driving to work. I would find another job, then just stop going to work. When they call just tell the manager that it wasn't busy so you decided to stay home.
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  9. If the place is slow without many orders, it wouldn't be all that surprising to get sent home. In college, I went back to work at a grocery store to make some money, and often times when there weren't many customers in the store, a few of the baggers would get sent home because they weren't needed and all the other responsibilities were already being handled.
    If there's a lot of down time when you're there, it's probably overstaffed at that particular time. If that's the case, you aren't the problem.
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  10. Welcome to the post 2008 economy. :cool:

    Only gonna get worse - as automation increases and globalization becomes more efficient.. people have to work fewer and fewer hours.. so instead of working a full-time job for 20 years.. you're more likely to be working 2 part-time jobs for maybe 3-6 months at a time.. after which you're faced with the same horrors of job-seeking, all over again..

    Fortunately, it's becoming easier and easier than ever to start a hustle, also thanks to the internet. Maybe it's time for you to start making cash out of your hobbies, make use of your extra spare time. You can't expect business owners to create jobs for you if you're not willing to start a business yourself.
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  11. While it may not be because of something you're doing, you're still getting fucked over. I agree with LedRob, they overstaff in case someone doesn't show then send the extra home. That's a piss poor way to treat your employees. Find another place to work.
  12. I've been in the restaurant/foodservice industry for about 30yrs now. How did I handle situations like this? Find something to do. When it was slow, I would find a project and go to the supervisor. Hey, the shelves in the walk in cooler look like they need some cleaning. Mind if I take care of it while it's slow? 1. Little things like that could possibly keep you on the clock for some extra time. 2. Score some brownie points with the boss. 3. Possibly, your boss will send someone else home instead because you are showing initiative and pride in your workplace. At least here in Mass, as soon as you punch in, you have to get paid for 3 hrs. Even if you didn't start any actual work.
    Restaurants, especially chain franchises have an extreme turnover and a lot of people calling out on a daily basis. So show willingness to take on extra shifts if someone calls out. Basically be the employee that they do not want to send home. Good luck man.
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  13. They "send" you home? In Cali we have protections I believe and they can ask you if you'd go home early but can't make you lose scheduled hours, hope that's true for the rest of the country lol.

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  14. It may be true in Cali for union or government workers but I can't see it as being law. It's not true for the rest of the country. Rules like that kill jobs. Employers need the flexibility to send people home if business is slow. Most places use rotation to decide who to send home, some use seniority, and I guess some fuck someone over.
  15. Yeah it's called he good faith law, you show up for your scheduled shift and refuse to be sent home your covered. Unless you didn't read your contract wen hired for some sectors of business. Sucks to hear that for others though.

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