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Being persistent with dealer?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dirtybongwaterr, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. #1 dirtybongwaterr, Jun 10, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 10, 2009
    K guys, I have a question and I want some opinions.
    Say you have a couple dealers, one who always has chronic and one who always has mids. Obviously you'd want to try to get the chronic if you know where it's at, right?

    Okay, so my real question. If your chronic-providing-dealer has informed you that he is stocked with weed, but he's hard to get ahold of so that you can actually meet up with him, how pesistent is too persistent? When does it get to the point that you're crossing the lines of "just business" with your dealer, to the point that you're nagging him? Or how much nagging is too much? (i mean, ya can't get anything from a flaky dealer if you don't bug them a little)

    I know I could get ahold of my guy with the mids, but I hate to give up on the chronic:( And I want weed TONIGHT. Such a conundrum
  2. If he says ten minutes be prepared to wait an hour.. Or ask him where he wants to meet you.
  3. just chill dude, if he wants to sell bud he will sell you bud, all nagging him will do is just annoy him and make him think youre sketchy/annoying. dont be constantly calling him, like maybe once every couple hours or more. also probably want to avoid texting, most ppl i know hate it when ya text shit
  4. Well, say you talked to him way earlier in the day and he was like, "I'm not home right now but i'll call you when I am home". BUT, in the past he's been known to 'forget' to tell me he's home, so I wanna be like ".........are you home yet" but I feel all nag-ish
  5. It's chill if you havent been hittin' him up all day. I would call him now if I were you.
  6. Be all friendly and just be like, "Remember to hit me up when you get home bro, im craving hydro.":)
  7. Wait till you're sure he's home and call, telling him your phone died and you might have missed his call.
  8. If he forgets to call u when he gets home then hes probly forgotten that u called him in the first place so id say once an hour or so mabe more if he tells u a time he's suppose to be back
  9. Does he deal as a profession or on the side?
  10. if its been all day its simple. shoot him a text "hey man you home yet?" seriously.:smoking:

  11. I like that idea. Thanks :)
  12. Yeah man, keep in mind that being friendly about it makes it seem not so naggy. :D
  13. I would say every 2 hours is fine. Just remember unless it's for their living, it's just a side job and they have a life just like you and I.

    I understand the flaky dealer part, we all know/knew one at one time. If I had qp's sitting around my house of chronic, I would probably be a space cadet aswell.
  14. Call once every four hours.
  15. very good question.

    if slinging is his livelihood hell call you up as soon as hes able, unless he already has plenty of ppl and sells a lot.
    if its just a side thing then smoking the herb will always take precedent over moving it
  16. Damn I wish we had Chronic down in my area. You're lucky.
  17. Wow you people must be annoying. Don't call him again unless he has responded. Obviously he will see the missed call. He's not blind, he saw your call, and doesn't want some annoying weird kid calling him multiple times per day when he hasn't yet responded.
  18. This I know. I stopped waiting on the one dude and got what I need from someone else, thankyouverymuch.
  19. if u feel like ur nagging him... then dont do it. go by instinct
  20. i second iggy

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