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Being high is nauseating now. Help!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CanadianKushMan, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Hello blades, recently I've ran into some mary jane troubles that have really been upsetting me. Smoking weed has been making me nauseous and I have no clue why. I've been smoking daily for the last year. Just as a warning the following post is a bit of a read.

    It all started about 2 and a half to 3 weeks ago. It was a normal night. I smoked by myself (as I always do) and i suddenly got very panicky and nauseous and felt like I was on the verge of vomiting. The feeling lasted around 30 - 45 minutes, and ever since then, every time I toke up; I get the same damn feeling (although the length of the nausea is always different).

    That hasn't stopped me from smoking everyday(psychologically addicted lol), but has drastically decreased the amount I use. I used to smoke between 1 gram to 2 grams a day, and have now been pushed down to half a bowl (which is like .1 or less, I don't even scale it anymore because its pointless and I have no need to conserve since I'm not smoking all the weed I'm buying).

    Here's how I'll describe the feeling: It feels like there is some sort of liquid/acid in my esophagus/ upper stomach and when it happens it's all I can concentrate on. Drinking water makes it feel a lot worse, swallowing my own spit doesn't help either. Kind of like motion sickness. I have never really tried eating while feeling this way out of fear of throwing up. But one weird thing is that once the feeling goes away, I get the munchies.

    I have never thrown up from smoking weed EVER, but always feel like I'm about to. And that completely ruined how I feel about smoking socially. All of my friends smoke and smoke a lot. I used to be able to keep up with them, but now I take half a hit and worry about my nausea. Sometimes I don't even want to hang out with my friends after a long week of school in fear of vomiting. I want to have those euphoric highs I used to have and laugh about shit with them.

    So what could it be :confused:. I have severe anxiety, which could be a factor. I'm very small and underweight for my age. I've been having some stomach problems lately but more noticeably after the incident when this all started 3 weeks ago. I'm on a bunch of different meds. It could be any of these things. All I want to do is resolve this fucking problem and get back to my happy weed smoking days. I'm worried that if I keep smoking and getting nauseous, I will associate weed with nausea forever.

    Oh and i forgot to mention I don't think it's the smoke itself because I can smoke a cigarette and be fine. Anyway, that's pretty much it. If anyone has any insight let me know. Thanks.

  2. There it is. I was thinking the whole time "I wonder if he has an anxiety disorder".

    The medication and the stomach problems you've been having are probably also factors.

    Not really sure what you can do about it, though... Have you tried deep breathing exercises and other relaxation methods? Beyond that, I'd say it might be a good idea to take a break for a couple weeks or so.

  3. I've been assuming it was the anxiety all along, but why would it happen so suddenly and out of nowhere?

    And I've tried breathing exercises (you know, the classic technique where you inhale and count to 4, then exhale and count to 4 very slowly) but probably did a half-assed job because of how nauseous I was feeling.

    And I would like to quit and wouldn't at the same time. I live a boring life and marijuana used to spice it up.

    Thanks for the reply

  4. Have you been under more stress/anxious then normal lately? Any major (negative) events happen in your life lately? Don't mean to pry, but events similar to those can be part of the cause of setting things (anxiety/nausea) off.

  5. Could be that the first time you got nauseous was maybe not really weed related at all. Like maybe it was due to the stomach problems you've been having, or stress, or a dietary issue, or any number of random things.

    But now you're associating it with marijuana, so you're consciously or subconsciously worrying about getting nauseous when you smoke, which is making you nauseous when you smoke.

    That's just a guess though. :confused_2:

  6. Yeah I have some ideas but they are personal, nothing I haven't gotten over though.

  7. Exactly what I'm afraid of. Ah, the power of the human mind can be quite annoying sometimes

  8. Even a random one-off anxiety attack can trigger a (usually) short-term experience, similar/related to PTSD... a bit like after having a 'green out', if you've had an anxiety attack while getting medicated, the scent, taste and experience of getting stoned can be enough to trigger another attack, which for many people will include nausea and stomach upset (which are some of the top symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders, right next to increased heart rate, pins and needles sensations, swelling, skin discoloration, and even an 'itchy' painful sensation).

    Some people feel this way after a car accident when they try to get back into a vehicle again, others get nauseated before job interviews after recently having an especially bad time during one.
    If that person wore a particular cologne the day of an attack, a week or two later, a single spray could set off another attack. It's an associative-sensation response, your mind may or may not know what caused you to become so worked up, so it reacts to anything it remembers you were doing or exposed to at the time.

    The best thing you can do is cut back by just a bit, try not to dwell on the experience and try to relax and feel happy before you toke up. Remember the good times and try to push out the bad experience/s out of your mind, just before you begin... get yourself a bit more mentally prepared before you get back into the swing of things, and start up slow. You should be back to normal in a little while :)


    Some people suffering certain imbalances and deficiencies, will also get a little nauseated when their cannabinoid receptors are stimulated.... here are some tips and things that can rapidly, or gradually help;

    - B-vitamins, specif. B-6
    - Iron
    - Meat (or if meat can't be included in your diet, plants rich in protein, and in sterols or phytochemicals which help improve mammal testosterone levels.. mexican yams for instance contain the sterol/saponin diosgenin, which improves testosterone levels, while broccoli, cauliflower and kale help to control or reduce estrogen production).
    - Balanced omega intake
    - Vit. D
    - L-Arginine, to improve circulation within the body
    - Doxylamine succinate
    - Probiotics and enzymes.. if yours are depleted due to antibiotic use, or otherwise off balance, supplementing and re-colonizing your naturally occuring 'good guys' can help immensely when it comes to absorbing nutrition and functioning well hormonally! I highly recommend the website for everything from supplements and probiotics, to food and other household items.

    For those who may live a sedentary lifestyle, or even a busy city lifestyle, an improved and well balanced diet and a healthier lifestyle in general, can sometimes be all it takes, because a sensitivity to cannabinoids is almost always a symptom of a problem or an imbalance.
  9. Hey man the exact same thing happens to me, it's been happening the past like 4 months so I don't even smoke now really. I try everything you talked about, deep breathing, water, relaxing an none of tht helps. I don't have anxiety and in not on any meds so Idk what it is.

    I did notice if I don't think about it, it'll go away. One day I got high and had the random urge to go to Walmart and buy a mason jar, so I was feeling like I'm gonna puke, I drive over there and thn walked around Walmart getting lost a few times looking for the jar and all of a sudden th feeling just went away. Like right when I walked in the store and started concentrating on something else it just stopped.
  10. Panic attacks. When you smoke, smoke out of pieces.
    Take a hit from a pipe and then wait. Don't smoke the whole bowl in one sitting.

    I used to get these a lot not too long ago and am now able to deal with them to the point of not noticing any signs.

  11. Thank you very much for your post, it gave me some hope :smoke:! I am an unhealthy person, and I know im not getting all the vitamins and nutrients my body needs

    As for the PTSD related symptoms, I still love the taste and smell of marijuana, but I usually get slightly tense before I hit my bong now that you mention it

  12. I know exactly what you mean, if I get distracted by something important for a few seconds it feels like it goes away, but then it just comes back again. And i'm sorry you've been having these problems too lol, but at least we know there's someone else in the same boat!
  13. Lots of great information in this thread :) bookmarking it now

  14. yep. tried doing a forum search and couldn't find anything helpful at all, because I've never heard of anyone get nauseous from weed other than greening out from low tolerance and loads of marijuana smoking

  15. Do you have anything else you can smoke out of besides a bong? Maybe a small pipe?

    Might help to have a slower and more manageable high.
  16. Smoking weed is awesome and thats all you need to think about when you spark a bowl.

  17. Unfortunately, I don't. I have 4 bongs and sold my pipe a few months back when I realized there isn't anything like the high from a bong. Joints are worse then bongs for my situation
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    Iv had the same experience actually one day in the spring i was working out and smoking a fat blunt and i felt so so nauseous and i tried to lay down and ride it out but it didnt help i got up and ended up vomiting in the sink i also did not eat before i worked out or even smoked and i did not smoke for 2-3weeks after that the next time i smoked up i felt refreshed and renewed i had all the exact symptoms as you and i felt as if i was dying i suggest to take a break from toking for at the most a month and try again im sure you'll feel so much better then before when you smoke and enjoy and find your passion for smoking again :smoke: it'll be a long sober month but completely worth it, one last thing iv felt that exact same way twice one time when i smoked up with 4 friends on a backwoods that was the first time i experienced it i was also sweating heavily and breathing heavily so i pushed myself to go outside (we were in my building lobby a ghetto building at that) and i sat on the part of a car where u put your feet to get into it and just breathed in heavily and exhaled calmed my self down and the wind sure helped but once i felt better the high was ruined from my experiences i think that it was the weed because i don't recall doing anything that would make me go into that state from just smoking, but as i said try the break from smoking it may help you i haven't gotten that feeling over since and every time i smoke up i feel good and no panics nausea or anything wrong at all hope you get better pal and continue to blaze

  19. Thanks for the ideas man. But you said you didnt eat before you worked out then smoked right after? I've had friends that haven't eaten anything, then smoked and fainted a few minutes after smoking. You should always have some food in your system when you smoke
  20. Alright dude listen to this because I was having the same exaxt problems as you for the last month and I just got over it.

    It is from the anxiety. And it also sounds like you might have acid reflux which could also cause problems with nausea and overall smoking(anything) makes acid reflux worse.

    The first thing I did was stop smoking for just a week. I also started taking some acid reducers and now that I am back to smoking the problem has completely gone away.

    You say you are psychologically addicted but if you want to get rid of this problem you have to stop smoking for a bit. Everytime you smoke you restart the whole process because the smoking is stressing you out and causing more anxiety because your brain has associated smoking weed with the feeling of nausea.

    So dude stop smoking for a week, check out OTC acid reducers like Prilosec and when you smoke again start off slow. Like you I also take some meds for anxiety and I know exactly what you're feeling. You might want to go to the doctor about the acid reflux but they're literally gonna just tell you the same thing I did.

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